Wednesday 21 October 2009

Seven Seas Femibion Energetic Mum supplement

Do you remember Lynette in the first couple of seasons of Desperate Housewives, forever running around after her kids, who were always getting into trouble, trying to keep her house in order and hold down a job ? Well, that's about how I feel most of the time !! So this product sounds like it is targetted specifically at me : "Running around looking after a growing baby and infant in the first few years of motherhood can really take it out of you. It may be rewarding, but it can also be tiring. And it never stops! Being a busy mum can place huge demands on body and mind, which is why it’s important to take good care of yourself and follow a nutritious and well balanced diet. And there can be other pressures which may get in the way, which is when a supplement may be a useful choice."

OK, I'm convinced I need it - but what is it exactly ? Let's look on the website. It's "the first multi-nutrient probiotic specifically formulated for busy mums" - ummmm ok. It contains " a combination of probiotics, CoQ10 and further necessary nutrients like iron and zinc." OK, still not really any the wiser though. "Independent research has shown that the specially selected probiotics help support the body’s natural defence system while CoQ10 helps the body to release energy." Ah, that makes more sense - so it should help stop me getting sick and also get me a bit more energy. Sounds good.

As I'm still breastfeeding, the first thing I now do is scour the packaging to see if it's safe (you'd be surprised what isn't) - and yes, it's perfectly ok to take it while breastfeeding. Maybe it'll even filter through and boost Pierre's immune system too - two for the price of one !!

The tablets are quite large but I was amazed at how easy they are to swallow. You just need to take one a day with a cold drink - none of that faffing around of having to take them at mealtimes, when you've got other things to think about (like getting food plated up and into kids while it's still hot !). They don't really taste of anything and don't have the horrible "musty ferns" after-taste that some supplements have.

They cover 100% of your recommended daily allowance for Vitamin E, Thiamin (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Iron, Zinc and Coenzyme Q10. There are also 10 million Tribion Harmonis Probiotic Cultures in each tablet, which sounds pretty impressive.

So do they work ? Well, despite the name, they won't turn you into The Bionic Woman (remember her ? she could run faster than a speeding car, now that would have impressed the kids !!) but so far (touch wood) I haven't come down with the sniffles that seem to be doing the rounds. I took one the other day after crawling out of bed for the school run after a practically sleep-free night (note to self - if Pierre falls asleep too early straight after his bath, do not let him sleep through, wake him up !!) and although I didn't start doing cartwheels around the room, I think it did slightly take the edge off my exhaustion. After pregnancy and possibly breastfeeding, your body could probably do with recharging its depleted stocks of vitamins too, so it's got to be a good idea.

RRP: £9.99 (for 30 tablets)

star rating : 4/5

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