Wednesday 14 October 2009

Lypsyl Lip Balms

"I kissed a girl and I liked it ... the taste of her cherry chap-stick" - Katie Perry must have done wonders for boosting the sales of cherry-flavoured lipbalms ! Lypsyl - or Lipseal, as I used to think they were called, when I was a teenager !! - have been around for 30 years and one is sold every two seconds ! Wow, they must be doing something right !

They are available in five flavours : original, cherry, strawberry, mint and peach. At just over a pound a pop, you could splash out and buy the whole range - keep your partner guessing as to what you'll taste like the next time he/she kisses you !!

They contain vitamin E and aloe vera and are instantly soothing if you have chapped or dry lips. If you put some on at night, you'll wake up in the morning with lovely soft lips. They're great for soothing and healing but also preventing chapped lips, so now is the time to stock up and start applying regularly before the weather turns too cold and windy.

I tested the Original and Cherry varieties and loved both, but just a word of warning - the cherry one stains lips slightly pink, so if you apply loads, going over the corners of your lips if they're cracked and sore, you'll look like someone who really doesn't know how to apply lipstick ! When Mike put some on, he had gorgeous pink lips too and didn't realise until I told him !! I actually used this pinkness to my advantage though, and gave one to each of my daughters - they both want to be grown-up and be like mum and wear make-up but I managed to fob them off with a cherry Lypsyl. Not only it avoids any lipstick stains on clothes or dodgy Lolita-esque overmade-up kiddie faces, it's good for their lips too !

My advice is - keep one in your pocket all autumn and winter. Once your lips start feeling dry, you'll automatically lick them, and the more you lick them, the drier they'll get because of evaporation. A quick slick of Lypsyl and you'll have soft, kissable, moisturised lips all through the mistletoe season !!

RRP : £1.18 (cheap as chips !!)

available in Boots, most supermarkets and independent chemists

star rating : 5/5


  1. Actually my first kiss was with a girl that was wearing some grape lipstick flavor, what a great sensation is when we give our first kiss.


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