Saturday 24 October 2009

Bravado Allure Underwire Nursing Bra

Having tested (and been very impressed by) a number of other Bravado nursing bras over the past few weeks, I confidently gave my size when asked to try out their latest creation. So when it arrived, I fell on the floor laughing because the cups looked HUGE ! They're only a B-C size but I would have said they're about a D-E if I saw them in a shop. So I thought there was no way it would fit, it would be miles too big. I decided to try it on anyway, to try to get a feel for the material at least and write some kind of review ... and I was absolutely amazed to see it fitted perfectly. Totally 100% perfectly. How can a bra company who has never even seen my boobs know my size so much better than me ?!!

I even lined up two Bravado bras on the bed and asked Mike to look and tell me which one was the biggest size - he looked at me like I was a lunatic and pointed to the Allure saying "that one's miles bigger, it's obvious". So he was as amazed as I was when I showed him the labels to prove they were the exact same size !! So I've learnt my lesson - Bravado know all about bra sizing, trust them !!

The innovative thing about this bra is the underwiring. Up until now, all lactation experts have warned pregnant and breastfeeding mums to avoid underwired bras because it could provoke blocked milk ducts and interfere with your milkflow. But Bravado's Supple-Fit design promises to "blend style with good breast health". The technical qualities of the bra sound impressive - "Premium spacer fabric", "Three-dimensional stretch", "A round, wide wire to subtly distribute weight, which is slightly shorter than the wire channel, to avoid pinch or constriction of breast tissue". That all sounds slightly confusing but all I can say is, it is so so comfortable.

Before pregnancy and breastfeeding, I always wore underwired bras. So most of the nursing bras I've worn since have been very comfortable but slightly saggy. I hadn't really noticed until I put this one on and realised how pert everything suddenly looked - the underwire certainly adds some oomph and lift !! I guess that's how I manage to fill those cups that looked enormous !!

But after admiring my new buoyant bosom in the mirror (!), I sighed to myself, knowing that I would have to sacrifice a bit of comfort for this extra support. And that's where I was totally wrong (again). Despite sensing the definite lift offered by the wire, it is impossible to feel it otherwise. I even tried to push it to dig it into my skin or make it pinch (all in the name of research, I don't have masochistic tendencies !!) and it is so soft and supple, it is impossible to make it dig in, pinch or squash anywhere, however hard you try.

Functionality-wise, Pierre got grizzly and hungry in McDonalds and I had to do the subtle feeding-in-public thing. It was all so easy - it is really easy to open and close the clips with one hand and it has a very wide opening offering easy access to the breast. Perfect and discreet !

Every time I try a new Bravado bra it seems better than the last one. This one really has got the lot - great lift but extreme comfort, and it makes for really simple feeding. It's even got some lovely feminine touches like lace and a little bow. I wasn't at all sure about an underwired nursing bra but they've totally risen to the challenge. The only problem is, I don't see how they can ever improve on this one !

star rating : 6/5 (LOL I gave the last one 5/5 and this one is even better, which I didn't think was possible !)

RRP : $54 (on the US site - where it's available already)

RRP : £35 ("coming soon" to Europe)


  1. Sounds brilliant Cheryl. Thank you for the review - its nice to know that bra companies are thinking about comfort and looks for maternity bras ... mine looked as if I had borrowed them from my Nan!!

  2. Thank you for the review, i really appreciate it, these companies have really started to care for the look and the comfort, I really appreciate it. I have been using Nursing sleep bras from a few weeks, they are really very much relaxing.

  3. Great review of the Bravado Allure Underwire Nursing Bra! Thanks for sharing. It's important to have comfortable and supportive bras during the nursing period, and I'm glad this one worked well for you. Speaking of nursing bras, have you checked out Lovemere seamless nursing bra? They offer a fantastic selection of pregnancy and nursing bras that are both stylish and comfortable.


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