Sunday 18 October 2009

Snack Trap - Anti-Spill Snack Cup

To quote the website : "A unique cup and lid design that allows little hands in and out to get to their snacks but keeps snacks from spilling out when cup is turned over. Use at home, in the car and when out and about !" How's that for a genius idea ?!! Another one that has got to have been devised by a mum, I'm sure of it !

My first thought (after wow, what a fabulous idea, why didn't I think of that ?) was that the lid would end up getting split or lost or forced open too wide by over-eager little hands. But replacements are available to buy separately, along with other handly little add-ons like tether straps to attach it to a pushchair. It just gets better and better ! My favourite optional extra has to be the Snack-Trap Accessory Lid Pack - one snack-trap lid, one stay-fresh lid (for an air-tight seal) and one sip lid, to transform it into a sippy cup. That makes it a fantastic space-saver for shoving in your handbag or changing bag for mess-free snacks AND drinks on the go - brilliant !

The opening works just like the holes on tea-towel holders that you put on the kitchen wall ! They are perfectly sized for little hands but too big to stop mummy-sized hands reaching over and pinching toddler-snacks - so it was a big hit with Juliette who said "ha ha, you can't pinch my Poppets any more Mummy" !!

The claim that there will be no spills, even when turned upside down, sounds like a challenge that definitely needs putting to the test - so we did ! With the aforementioned Poppets (which, if you don't know, are about the size of small Maltesers), there were no spills, even when I jiggled it about TRYING to make them fall out !! Obviously, if you use tiny-sized snacks like coco pops, a few will probably slip through the holes, but it works much better than I expected.

The cute animal pictures appeal to toddlers and with the wide base, it's not easy to knock easy. The two handles make it easy to hold so most of the time, they'll be eating on the run anyway ! Brilliant for mums, who will have less messy spills to tidy up, and also for young children, who love the extra responsibility of being allowed to eat their snacks in peace without constant yells of "careful you don't spill it" and "mind ! it's on the edge of the table, it'll get knocked over" !!

RRP £3.99

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