Friday 23 October 2009

Kids' Rooms - Children's Furniture and Accessories

A PR company asked me to take a look at a website specialising in children's furniture - - and tell them what I thought and having had a look, I decided to share it with you. It's very rare that I look at a website and want to buy absolutely everything they stock but this is one of those cases. The last time was when I browsed on the Aspace site looking for inspiration for Sophie's bedroom in the new loft conversion and this site really reminds me of Aspace.

They stock everything for tots to teens. "Kids Rooms is an online store selling children's furniture and accessories for children's bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms, schools, day care nurseries, play groups and waiting rooms. Our range includes children's beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside cabinets, children's tables & chairs, toy boxes, wooden toys, bedding, bookends, height charts, pictures, seating and much more. "

I absolutely love their range of traditional wooden toys that remind me of the toys I had as a child ! It's so retro, I'm sure mums and dads would enjoy playing with them probably even more than the kids - I know I would. Especially the Noah's Ark !!

Their bedrooms are unbelievably beautiful and look just like something out of an episode of Changing Rooms. The four-poster bed tents must be every child's dream - even I'd like one but I don't think Mike would be too keen, especially as they only come in singles !! If you come looking for inspiration without any precise ideas of colour schemes or themes, you'll find loads of cute and practical ideas. The feature-wall wall coverings would instantly jazz up the dullest of rooms and have the ultimate wow-factor.

The products aren't cheap but you can see from the pictures that you're paying for quality. Their slogan is "Furniture to last a lifetime ...Or at least until your child has left their teens !" and they do look very hard-wearing. It's a case of getting what you pay for, or rather paying for what you get.
They do free delivery over £200 (and you'd reach that sum very quickly - every time I click on a new page, I see something else I'd like to buy !!). And - in view of the ongoing postal strikes - you'll be pleased to know that they don't use Royal Mail for deliveries !!

I'd recommend you go and have a look, even if it's just for some window-shopping for ideas. I just wish I had an unlimited budget and I'd buy the lot !


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