Monday 12 October 2009

Bravado - The "Body Silk" Seamless Nursing Bra

"The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra was designed to melt onto your body, and give you comfort unlike any you've experienced from a bra before - nursing or not! " Well, with a statement like that, they've got a lot to live up to !

When I took it out of the packet, the fabric did seem very soft to the touch, especially as it has a seamless construction so there are no rough edges anywhere. I put it on and was amazed at how well it fitted. It is quite stretchy so, even when your boobs are full of milk just before a feed, it doesn't feel too tight or restrictive. The elasticated stretchy rib band is a genius idea - according to the blurb on the packaging, each size is designed to fit 2-3 rib and 2-3 cup sizes, which is brilliant. Ordering a pregnancy or maternity bra is always a nightmare because you never know which size to choose - you have to guess how big you'll end up, then guess how much leeway the manufacturer has calculated and hope that your "guesstimate" is somewhere close enough to offer the right amount of support and comfort. Even if you're spot on, your body changes so much during pregnancy and breastfeeding that some days it will fit, some days it won't. Well, the stretchiness of the Body Silk bra is the perfect solution and makes it great value, because it's the equivalent of buying several different sized bras in one.

One of the features is "removable, moulded foam cups for a lining when you want it (to hide nipples or breast pads), and the ability to take it out when you don't", which I thought was just superfluous. Who needs extra padding when any breastfeeding mum looks worthy of being on a Wonderbra advert anyway ?! But if you take out the padding, the clingy material is a bit too revealing so for discretion, especially under a thin T-shirt or top, it is a very good idea.

The nursing clips lie totally flat under your clothes and the bonnet opens very wide making breastfeeding very easy. The little ribbon to pull on makes finding the nursing clip very easy (I'm not entirely sure that's what it's supposed to be for, but it works !) and it is easy to open with one hand, although I did need both hands to do it back up again after the feed.

This is the best all-round nursing bra I've tested, combining comfort and support. Its stretchiness makes it a great investment for the whole of pregnancy and breastfeeding. It's available in four colours - ivory, black, butterscotch and cherry - so you could even get one of each to see you through !

RRP : £29

star rating : 5/5

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  1. The Bravado! Body Silk seamless nursing bra is a decent nursing bra. The support is OK for smaller and medium sizes; it is comfortable and soft. The clips are the standard plastic clips that have become pretty much universal for nursing bras.


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