Saturday 17 October 2009

Huggalugs - Organic Baby/Child Legwarmers and Leg Ruffles

As a child, I wanted to be Doris from The Kids From Fame (I bet I still know all the words to High Fidelity !) so I love the new Fame-inspired fashion revival that is currently big news. I wasn't sure what the girls would make of them though !

As soon as they arrived, they grabbed a pair each - no squabbling for once ! Sophie (age 8) grabbed the hot pink leg ruffles and Juliette (age 4) ran off with the Lilac Daisy legwarmers. Then they both came running back and said "errr Mum, what do we do with them ? Are they socks ? Because they haven't got feet" !!!

I explained the art of wearing legwarmers rolled down around your ankles, but said that the website said you could wear them in other ways too : as "a great second layer under trousers or coats (for arms) to keep out the cold", to keep toddlers legs safe when crawling and warm when sitting on the potty (they found this idea hysterically funny !), even on their arms if they wanted. As you can see from the photos, they immediately adopted them - and they've barely taken them off all week !
Juliette declared that she could wear her summer shorts to the park on a gusty autumn day if she was wearing her legwarmers right the way up her legs (and I have to admit, it did work !!). They are fabulous for holding wrapped-up jeans bottoms inside welly boots to avoid rubbing. Sophie loved them as extra padding inside her rollerblades, which always leave sore red marks on her legs where they're a bit tight, and on her arms just before bed when she was "too hot for her dressing gown but too cold without it" ! They came in handy at handwashing time for keeping sleeves rolled up and out of the water. I also love the fact that they are so easy to pull on too - a lot simpler than tights that are almost impossible for Juliette to put on by herself without getting seriously frustrated (and then ending up with them so twisted I have to pull them off and start all over again anyway !)

The website says that Huggalugs are made from 80% Cotton, 15% Nylon and 5% Spandex and their Planet Organic label comes from the fact that they are knitted with IMQ certified Organic Cotton. The cotton legwarmers are lovely and warm, stay up all day (better than most socks !) and feel really soft. There are some really gorgeous designs too - as well as the Lilac Daisy pattern modelled by Juliette, there are pink butterflies, peace signs, even monkey faces (which would be great for little boys).

They explain that Legruffles are "legwarmers knitted with a cotton blend yarn, giving a soft, flowing feel to the final finish". Sophie, being a major tomboy despite her girlie/princessy/sparkly side, was a bit heavy handed and managed to ladder then the first time she put them on. Luckily, I'm a dab hand with a needle and thread and managed to do some invisible mending that put a smile straight back on her face.

The girls love the funky designs, I love the fact that they have a million uses (many of them time-saving or whinge-avoiding !) and I also love their ethics. "All Huggalugs products are a direct response to issues faced by pregnant women and new mothers. Huggalugs strives to be environmentally aware and socially conscious and uses local manufacturers and environmentally sustainable materials in their designs wherever possible with the aim of providing functional, funky and practical solutions for parents."

Thumbs up all round !

star rating : 5/5

RRP £6.99

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