Wednesday 14 October 2009

Savlon Advanced Healing Gel

You know a brand is good when it starts being used as a generic name for anything vaguely resembling one of its products, even if it isn't made by them - think hoover, sellotape, tampax ... In our house, ever since I was a kid, any antiseptic-type cream is referred to as Savlon. So when I was asked to test their new Advanced Healing Gel, I had high expectations.

It's designed for use on superficial burns and minor wounds (such as grazes and cuts) and can also be used, under medical supervision, on bedsores and open wounds. Even on minor wounds, you should consult your doctor if the wound is extensive, weeping or infected, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Luckily (or should that be unluckily ?!), as a mum of two little girls who love dressing up as princesses but also both have a huge tomboy streak, I knew I wouldn't have to wait long to test it out on a grazed knee or elbow ! Sure enough, Sophie did the honours today !

It doesn't actually look all that different to regular Savlon cream when you squeeze it out of the tube. It's a creamy gel that sinks into the skin fairly quickly leaving a thin protective layer on top (we put a plaster over the top so it didn't get on to Sophie's clothes). It smells very faintly of nappy cream but the smell isn't unpleasant and doesn't smell at all medicated. Sophie said it didn't sting at all and actually stopped her grazed knee from stinging so much because it felt cold. I rubbed the excess into the dry skin on the back of my hand and it actually looks like it would make a pretty good moisturising, non-greasy hand cream ! Reading on the tube, it says it can be used on sunburn too, and with the combined cooling and moisturising effect, I would think it would be great for both soothing and healing sunburn.

The manufacturers describe it as "a hydroactive colloid gel for the treatment of wounds which supports the healing of skin by covering the wound and creating an optimal moist healing environment." Its hydrogel effect for dry wounds makes them moist and dissolves damaged tissue, but on moist wounds, it absorbs excessive fluid and restores the water balance in the wound. Confused ? I know I am !! But whatever the science behind it, in layman's terms, they tell you it will accelerate skin renewal and therefore reduce the likelihood of scarring. Sounds good to me.

Sophie's now 8 so she's too old for the "magic cream" story, but she wiped her tears away as soon as I applied the gel and went happily off to play again so it obviously stopped the pain. I love the fact that it keeps the wound moist so I won't have tears at bedtime when I have to pull off a plaster that's stuck fast to a bloody, scabby knee !

RRP £3.99

star rating : 5/5

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