Sunday 27 June 2010

Boots Extra Care Wipes

When it comes to the main reasons we want wet wipes - namely wiping pooey baby bums and cleaning sticky toddler hands and faces - pretty much all brands do the job reasonably well. A lot of it comes down to personal choice, such as how wet you want the wipe or how big it needs to be. I must admit, I always used to avoid own brand wipes and nappies because I thought they wouldn't be as good as the big brands but most of the time I've been pleasantly surprised.

Boots are a brand I've come to trust and use a lot - especially as buying regularly with Boots means the points mount up on my Advantage card and I can get myself some guilt-free freebie treats to pamper myself with ! I therefore had pretty high expectations when I was sent a pack of their Aloe & Chamomile Fragrance Free Extra Care Baby Wipes to test. And I have to say, they exceeded my expectations.

The label tells us that they are made with 98% pure water, perfect for baby's sensitive skin ; fragrance-free, extra thick wipes ; and consultant dermatologist and paediatrician approved. Further information is given on the back of the packet, if you read the small print : "Boots baby extra care hypo-allergenic wipes are soft and strong to gently cleanse baby's sensitive skin with added Aloe and Chamomile to help keep baby's skin soft and smooth. Each wipe is made with 98% pure water, with a touch of baby lotion to help prevent the causes of nappy rash and protect delicate skin. Gentle enough to be used at every nappy change or at feeding and play times."

Well, I've given them a thorough testing, using them on Pierre's face and fingers after getting sticky ice cream all over himself in the park, and on his bottom, despite having a nasty bout of nappy rash because he's teething. The ice cream came off really easily with a quick swipe without needing lots of rubbing (which always annoys Pierre) and the wipes didn't leave any greasy, sticky or wet residue on his face. Despite the nappy rash leaving Pierre's bum looking nasty and red and sore, he didn't squirm or cry when I used the wipes on him so they must feel nice and gentle and possibly soothing, unlike some wipes which must sting because he complains and wriggles when I use them.

From a mum's point of view, I absolute love the packaging. I have never had a packet of wipes where each individual wipe is so easy to get out, even when using the bigger more expensive brands. They don't stick together, the pack is easy to get into and reseal, you never lose the end of the wipe and rip half the pack open when you go fishing about for the next wipe ... Further research showed that this is done on purpose, it's not just a fluke ! The packaging tells us that "the wipes are interleaved so that each one can be easily removed with just one hand, leaving your other hand free for your baby." If you have a particularly wriggly baby, that is really handy (no pun intended) because there's nothing worse than having to use both hands to free a wipe, constantly worrying that baby is going to tumble off the changing table.

For that aspect alone, they get top marks from me, but even if the ease of use hadn't blown me away, I'd still have been impressed by the gentleness and softness of the wipes that are kind to even sensitive, sore skin during teething. They're cheaper than the big brands but they are equally as good, if not better.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.39 for 64 wipes (but currently on offer : 3 for £2.50 on selected Boots baby wipes )

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