Wednesday 23 June 2010

Method Laundry Detergent

"Don't You Know, Pump It Up,
You've Got To Pump It Up,
Don't You Know, Pump It Up,
You've Got To Pump It Up !"

That's what I want to sing every time I do my washing using Method's snazzy new laundry detergent that comes in a funky pump-action dispenser bottle. Method never do anything the same as anyone else, usually coming up with dazzling fragrances for cleaning products that actually make doing the housework - dare I say it ? - fun ! This time, it's the bottle that is so innovative. Oh, and what's inside of it.

When I saw on the bottle "4 pumps = 1 wash - amazingly concentrated", I thought to myself, "yeah yeah, heard it all before". I've been well and truly won over by all the concentrated detergents on the market up until now, not just because you don't have to lug around really heavy bottles or find space for them in the laundry cupboard any more but also because they create less household waste and use less resources to create the smaller bottles in the first place. But one thing I have come to realise about method is that when they say something, they really mean it - in this case, amazingly concentrated really does mean AMAZINGLY concentrated. I was expecting each of the four pumps to gush out a relatively large quantity of detergent so that it would be the equivalent of the usual capful of laundry liquid used with other brands. But it's a pathetic amount that squirts out ! I looked dubiously in my detergent dispenser drawer and thought to myself, "No, surely not ? That can't really be enough, can it ? Maybe I should add an extra couple of squirts just to be on the safe side". But no, I decided to follow the instructions and was amazed to see that yes, that pathetically small amount of laundry detergent actually did get my clothes clean. Now that really is amazing - not to mention brilliant news for the environment and your pocket because one small 300ml bottle will give you 25 washes.

Unsurprisingly, method are rightfully proud of their latest creation and explain that they have created "an 8x concentrated solution (something no other laundry brand has ever achieved) [which]has huge implications on the environment, with a 35% smaller carbon footprint than conventional detergent, a pump action for easy one-handed use [that is] made from 50% recycled plastic using 36% less plastic and 33% less energy and oil. This has huge implications on the environment, particularly if all the market competitors follow suit." Well done method - that's even smaller and mightier than certain other brands that will remain nameless !

The fragrance is labelled as "fresh air" and I found that it didn't really smell of anything much, so I suppose that's a fair description ! I've always been bowled over by the fragrances of method cleaning products, be they grapefruit, cinnamon bark or minty eucalyptus , so I was a bit disappointed, but then I suppose I wouldn't really want my clothes smelling that strong, however much I love the fragrances (and believe me, I really really love them !). (Oooh, I just went and looked on the method website and there are two other fragrances available - free & clear and peony blossom. I definitely like the sound of the latter so I'll be trying that out once I've finished this bottle - which will actually take quite a while !)

As you'd expect with method products, they're up to their usual green standard with a laundry detergent that is 95% plant based and non-toxic. I'm going to have to do it again, aren't I ? 5/5 for method - they're not paying me to write these reviews, honestly !!

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £5.99

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