Tuesday 1 June 2010

'A Guide To Senior Moments' flip book

If your dad's getting on but he's still got a great sense of humour, this flip book from Past Times would make a great cheeky gift for Fathers' Day. As well as making him smile every time he sees it on his desk or next to the computer, it's sure to reassure him that all "senior" dads are going through the same ignoble things as him and that you still love him to bits, even with his growing list of defects !

The flip book is sturdy and well made, with thirty laminated pages featuring sixty cheeky sayings in total. That's enough to last for two months if he turns the page over every day, by which time he's bound to have forgotten what he's read and can start all over again ! It folds flat, which is very handy for easy gift wrapping and also means that if he doesn't own a desk, he can stick it up on the wall next to the calendar.

It's full of humorous words of wisdom that will especially appeal to those over fifty, including :
- Signs of old age ? There are three : loss of memory and ... I can't remember the other two.
- The main thing that's wrong with the younger generation is that I'm not in it.
- The only real advantage of old age is that it lets you sing while you brush your teeth.
It's a lovely little gift and, given the quality of the laminated paper, I was amazed at how cheap it is - and it's certainly a bit more exciting than the usual bag of licorice allsorts or woolly socks !

star rating : 4.5/5
RRP : £5

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