Thursday 10 June 2010

children's book review : Wake Up ! - Katie Cleminson - plus two free Wake Up ! colouring sheets to download

This is one of those books that just begs to be read aloud. The fast pace and rhythmic nature of the text sweeps you (and those who are listening to you) up as you turn the pages and read along - it's impossible to say the words "up and up and up" without your voice going up and up and up and young children will love the repetitive mantra-like chant that they can join in with.

The text is short and simple so it's easy for young children to sit and listen to without getting bored and is also great for learner readers who can take over bedtime story duty for the night - quality family time guaranteed if you all snuggle up together to read it.

The story follows the busy day of a little boy and finishes at bedtime, so it's a wonderful way of winding down at bedtime and sending the kids - with no complaints - off to bed at the same time as the little boy.

The retro-style illustrations are packed full of details and you see more little things every time you read the book - and believe me, you will be reading this one over and over again ! The girls loved looking for the little cat in many of the pictures and trying to name all of the animals in the classroom scenes. Despite his exotic animal friends, the little boy's activities are the same as those that most children do on a daily basis, so they love being able to identify with the character and, for us, this often led on to a discussion about what they had been up to that day at school. (Don't miss the colouring sheets at the bottom of this review !)

It's a really lovely book to read, over and over again, and young children will love joining in with the repetitive phrases and imitating some of the actions.

Thumbs up ... and up, and up ... all round in our house !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £5.99

Click on these two pictures for two gorgeous Wake Up ! colouring sheets, courtesy of the lovely Lauren at Random House, that are perfect for whiling away a rainy afternoon !

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