Thursday 24 June 2010

Care Allergy Defence - natural hayfever protection

If you suffer from hayfever, as I do, the arrival of summer is always bitter-sweet. I love the sunshine and the longer days and the fact that the kids can play outside, but I also know that I'll soon be rubbing my eyes and sneezing and constantly wiping my nose. There are various remedies available but pretty much anything in tablet form is ruled out if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, so for the past couple of summers, I've been on the lookout for more natural remedies.

I was therefore keen to try out a new treatment called Care Allergy Defence that is clinically proven to stop sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes that is suitable for elderly people, adults, children (under supervision) and ... wait for it ! ... pregnant/breastfeeding women. Yay !

What you get is a little squeezy bottle that you squirt up your nose for a recommended minimum of three times a day. Unlike most other nasal sprays I've tried in the past, this bottle doesn't contain a liquid mist, it contains a powder. That sounds horrible and I was expecting a disgusting taste or sensation but you can't actually feel a thing. In fact, I squirted the bottle in front of my eyes to check that there was something coming out because I couldn't feel it at all !

The label explains that "Care Allergy Defence is a powder spray which is clinically proven to deliver fast, effective protection against hayfever and other airborne allergens such as pollen, dust and pet allergies. Care Allergy Defence provides a natural barrier within the nose to rapidly block airborne allergens thereby treating the cause so you don't suffer the symptoms". It's definitely a case of prevention is better than cure. The powder is made from natural cellulose and peppermint powder, which cannot be absorbed by the body so it is totally natural and harmless - that's why even babies from 18 months can use it, under supervision. It contains no steroids or antihistamines so you won't have any side effects like drowsiness and it won't interact with any other medication.

I did have a puff up each nostril first thing this morning but, having just got back from the school run and walked past a group of council workers cutting the grass, I had tears streaming down my face, my nose was running constantly and my eyes were really red and sore. I figured it would be a waste of time reaching for the Care Allergy Defence because the pollen was already up my nose and in my eyes so it would be a case of closing the door after the horse has bolted. Nevertheless, with zero conviction, I had another puff up each nostril and was amazed to see that the symptoms had stopped within seconds - even in my eyes, which were presumably reacting to direct contact with the pollen, so I still don't understand how squirting a pollen barrier up my nose can have stopped that.

That basically says it all - I can't explain how it is so effective but quite frankly, I don't care ! It works, pretty much instantaneously, and you can use it as often as you need with no risks of overdosing or side effects. I love the fact that it is natural and harmless too. I know in the past, I had to change my antihistamine tablets from time to time because they stopped working. The doctor explained that different products target different allergens and, with the arrival of new exotic flowers, some pollens wouldn't be targeted. Care Allergy Defence also nicely sidesteps this problem as it just cuts out all airborne allergens, whether pollen, dust, pet hair or anything else. It will be my handbag essential this summer - I'm even thinking of going for the St Bernard's look and tying it on a string around my neck for constant emergency access !

star rating : definitely 5/5 which I really wasn't expecting !

RRP : £6-99 for 500mg (200 sprays)

available from Boots, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s Pharmacy

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  1. The reason why it stops your eyes itching is because your body reacts to the pollen getting in through your nose and part of that reaction is itchy eyes. Stop the pollen getting in and you stop the reaction. You may, however, get some reaction from pollen grains actually touching your eyeballs. Wear shades to help with this - they help anyway because they 'de-stress' your eyes - and use HayMax pollen barrier round the eyes at the same time. I'm connected to HayMax (which you have also kindly reveiewed) so I must declare an interest in the last statement! However, Care Allergy Defense is a good product. For some people who are more sensitive - or on heavier pollen days, you could use both this and HayMax. Other things you might want to try which I believe are good are Qu-Chi band - not if you're pregnant though, and Butterbur (check out the site for best to use). I hope you don't think it's out of order for me to comment here and I hope what I've said is helpful rather than merely a plug for HayMax!

  2. Aha that makes sense. Thanks very much for your message. There's some really helpful advice there


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