Wednesday 9 June 2010

Jojomamanbaby Baby & Junior Sunglasses

In this day and age, parents wouldn't dream of putting babies or children outside in the summertime without a hat and suncream - the skin cancer awareness message has finally got through. But unfortunately the same can't be said for sunglasses apparently. According to this CBBC Newsround report, "More than three quarters of parents put sun cream on their kids, but the same amount DON'T make them wear sunglasses." The damning report continues, "The College of Optometrists (eye doctors) say three out of 10 parents never buy sunglasses for their children." Well, I have to hold my hands up and admit that I don't always manage to get my kids wearing sunglasses. Sometimes they don't stay on, sometimes they dig into the sides of their heads so they refuse to wear them after a while or sometimes they can't see properly (because they wear glasses so don't get the correction they need with non-prescription sunglasses).

Therefore, I was really excited to review these funky bright pink junior sunglasses from Jojomamanbebe. They only cost a fiver so I wasn't sure they'd offer serious protection, but as the CBBC investigation concludes, "A spokesperson for the college said: "Sunglasses don't need to be expensive to offer good protection but it is important for parents to check that the pair they buy carry a CE Mark." "

Well, these glasses offer 100% UV 400 protection and, best of all, Juliette loved them so much, she kept them on all afternoon without moaning or taking them off once ! The arms seem quite resilient (they haven't broken yet and that's usually the first thing to go) and as the lenses are made of plastic, they're unlikely to crack. Juliette's pair has had some pretty rough treatment, such as kicking around in the pushchair netbag for a week unnoticed under piles of coats, hats, bottles of water and goodness knows what else, and being sat on in the car ! Apart from a small scratch on the plastic lens, they came through totally unscathed !

If you don't fancy the shocking pink colour (that all little girls will absolutely love) or if you have a little boy, you can opt for the more demure blue or black versions !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £5

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