Sunday 6 June 2010

Jojomamanbaby Reusable Swim Nappies

Our recent weekend at Keycamp was the perfect opportunity for some hands-on testing of some great summer-related products, one of which was this cute and funky reuseable swim nappy, as modelled by 10-month-old Pierre. This was the first time Pierre had been swimming so was also the first time we'd tried out swim nappies - and it was a steep learning curve, as you'll find out if you keep reading !

When I first brought Pierre out of the mobile home in his ultra-cute swim nappy, covered in sailing boats, Mike took one look at him and said are you sure you're not supposed to put a disposable nappy underneath ? Well ... I was pretty sure I wasn't but I didn't want us to get thrown out of the pool after a toxic leaky nappy, so I ended up pulling on a Little Swimmers disposable nappy underneath just to be on the safe side ! That's why his bottom area looks a bit bulky in the first photo !

It turns out that I was right though and we didn't need to put a disposable nappy on at all. As well as the 100% cotton outer layer and 52% cotton inner layer that is in contact with the skin, it has a concealed liner of 48% polyurethane inside - aha, sneaky ! That should keep any accidents contained and prevent any dodgy leaks in the pool !

It feels just like a normal bathing suit (which is why Mike managed to convince me it would offer no protection !). If you don't want any nasty clean-up jobs and baby is doing particularly nasty poos, for example during teething, you might actually opt for a disposable swim nappy underneath for easier cleaning up - it's easier to rip off a disposable swim nappy than a reuseable one, which has to be pulled off down the legs and could be a bit messy !

Pierre was the perfect baby and didn't do any poo at all, so I can't tell you how well the nappy contains accidents, either with or without a disposable swim nappy underneath ! He happily spent all afternoon sitting poolside in his funky trunks though, so they were obviously comfortable. They dried out really quickly and were ready to be worn again next day, this time without a disposable swim nappy underneath !

If you go swimming a lot, a reusable swim nappy will work out a lot cheaper than the disposable swim nappies like Little Swimmers which cost a fortune. They are also obviously much better for the environment. There is a great choice of funky designs, including geckos, turtles and Hawaiian flowers (and that's just the boys' designs !).

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £12

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