Wednesday 16 June 2010

Morrck Splasha Beach/Bath/Swim Wrap

Like most babies, all of my kids have had hooded bath towels (Pierre still uses his) because they make getting baby out of the bath easier for mum and saves them from getting cold. Once they get past toddler stage though, the towels are too small and they don't stay closed when your little ones are on the move so they don't really serve their purpose any more. Well, you don't have to progress on to normal grown up towels just yet if you don't want to, because Morrck have created a fabulous new towelling wrap called the Splasha.

On the Morrck website, they describe it as a "super soft double sided towelling wrap for beach, pool and bath. Complete with treasure pocket for all the important little things that get collected or carried about !". While the description is accurate, it doesn't do it justice because it fails to get across just how practical the Splasha is. It slips on, with or without the hood, like a lightweight velvety-feel dressing gown. There are two press studs on the shoulder to hold the Splasha closed, while leaving easy access to your child's body underneath if you want to towel them off after the pool or their bath. There are a further three sturdy press studs all down the side so that it can be closed totally and the "treasure pouch" can also be closed with a press stud.

It's a really versatile garment. If your child is learning how to dry themselves after their bath or shower, it can be slipped straight on as soon as they are out of the water to save them from getting cold as they (slowly !) start towelling themselves off underneath the Splasha. If you have girls with long hair that you leave to dry naturally, it's great over pyjamas to save their hair dripping down their backs. And I just know that it will come in really handy on holiday in Turkey this summer, as a quick wrap to throw on when they get out of the pool for a drink / ice cream / run to the toilet, preventing not only water dripping everywhere but also sunburn.

The Splasha is made from 92% cotton and 8% polyester and feels just like the lovely soft velvety towels that often have kids cartoon characters printed on them. They come in two designs, white with spots in various shades of pinks and purples that the girls will love, and a funky blue striped one that, while unisex, will be a big hit with the boys. They come in three sizes - XS: 1 - 3 Years, S: 3 - 5 Years and M: 5 - 7 Years. However, Sophie (on the left below) who is almost 9 and wears age 12-14 clothes because she's tall for her age, still tried it on and loved it so much she's claimed it for her suitcase for the summer ! 5-year-old Juliette (on the right) has sneaked in behind her and been parading around the house in it too though, quite rightly saying that it says age 5-7 on the label, so they'll have to share it !

I must admit, if they made them in adult sizes, I'd be tempted to buy one too - they are lovely and snuggly and great for throwing on over your swimsuit to hide a multitude of sins !

star rating : 5/5
RRP : £19.99

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