Wednesday 9 June 2010

Loud Enough volume-limiting earphones

As I take the bus to work and back on a daily basis, I've lost count of the number of times I fix my death stare on big burly teenagers (and even some oldies like me who should know better !) who have their mp3 players playing so loud, everybody on the bus can "enjoy" their music. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be listening to death metal full blast at 7am when I'm still trying to wake up ! Well, if only I could get them all to wear these Loud Enough volume-limiting earphones, the problem would instantly be solved !

I tried them out at home with Sophie, who hasn't been granted her wish for an mp3 player yet but has got a much-loved Nintendo DS. She usually grumbles because I tell her it's antisocial to have the sound on while other people are in the room so she plays her games with the sound off or really really low. I must admit, I sat down and played My Sims on it with her the other day and realised how much more entertaining it is with the sound on !

But even if I trust Sophie to be reasonable and check the volume from time to time myself, once the earphones are in her ears, only Sophie really knows what is going on in there. If Pierre starts crying or the dog starts barking or Juliette starts whining or, as is often the case, all three kick off at once, I'm sure she must reach for the volume control - I wish I could sometimes !!

The Loud Enough earphones are brilliant because they take out the guesswork and the risk-factor. As their name suggests, they allow you to reach a maximum volume that really is loud enough, without being so loud it could damage your hearing longterm (or inflict your noise on other people). The design is totally kid-friendly, giving parents peace of mind, but doesn't look at all babyish so even teenagers could use them without running the risk of looking uncool ! Sophie loves the fact that I've stopped nagging her or randomly pulling her earphones out to check it's not too loud ! They come in a funky range of colours that tweenagers will love too.

I was also really impressed with how comfortable they are - they're extremely soft and squishy on the bit that you put it your ears - and with how easily they stay in your ears without falling out. The squishiness isn't just designed for comfort either, the name of the game is noise isolation. That means that it stops noise getting in (so when all hell is breaking loose with babies and dogs, Sophie doesn't need to turn up the volume to block out the sound from outside and if she wants to listen to quiet music or sound effects, that won't be a problem) but also stops the noise from getting out (you don't get the annoying tinny music sound if she's sitting on the end of the settee while you're watching telly).

They get a huge thumbs up from kids (Sophie) and parents (me) alike !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £29.99

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