Monday 14 June 2010


Tailball is the latest variation on bat and ball games that is a great way of getting the kids off the Wii and out into the sunshine for some fresh air and physical activity that doesn't involve a games console ! I must admit, when I read the write-up, I wasn't sure how impressive it was going to be - it's basically just a softball tennis game with streamers stuck into the ball ! - but 8-year-old Sophie and 5-year-old Juliette absolutely loved it and all the neighbours' kids crowded round and wanted to have a play too !

The game is self-explanatory with no complicated rules to learn so it's ideal for young children. Juliette seemed to find the tailball much easier to hit than a normal ball, possibly because the streamers give her a bigger target to aim for. The long streamers made it much easier for her to pick up the ball from the ground too and stopped the ball from rolling away too far and going into the road. It can also be played anywhere - on the beach, at the park, in the garden, on the patio, even indoors - so it's the perfect game for slinging in the car at a moment's notice or leaving in the boot so that it's there whenever you have a spare moment and need to keep the kids quiet. There's no time wasted setting up complicated equipment - you just hand out the bats and the kids can play immediately.
We were testing the Tailball Light version but there are actually five different variations that you can buy :
Tailball Back Pack Attack - a lightweight back pack complete with two Tailball bats, a Tailball and a net. RRP £29.99
Tailball Extreme - strictly for outdoor play and the perfect game for any picnic or BBQ. RRP £14.99

Tailball Light – a game that can be played both indoors and outside. RRP £12.99
Tailball Flyer - like a souped-up game of frisbee. RRP £8.99

Tailball Rocket Zoomer - adds a bit of flair to the traditional throw and catch game. RRP £9.99
The bats and the tailball seem to be very robust and high quality, so I wasn't surprised to see that they're made by Mookie, makers of the popular Swingball. It's a great game for afternoons in the sunshine and will hopefully keep the kids entertained with no squabbling during the long summer holidays !
RRP : 4.5/5
RRP : £12.99 for Tailball Light
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