Sunday 27 June 2010

Wilko Baby Nursery Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes

Wilkinson pride themselves on being "the home of family value" and when you see how low their prices are, you can see why. However, cheap isn't always good so I was keen to try out some of their baby essentials and see how they compared to the more expensive brands and other own-brand labels.

The Baby Nursery Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes come in an unassuming plain white and blue wrapper that doesn't look particularly impressive or luxurious. It has the usual resealable sticky label to keep the wipes moist but nothing that attracts your attention as you scour the shelf.

Each wipe folds out reasonably big, slightly larger than the size of a normal wet wipe, that is more than large enough and robust enough to wipe down any dubious looking surfaces that you want to clean. The label promises that they are tough on germs ; offer anti-bacterial action for up to 4 hours ; are clinically proven to kill E.coli, Salmonella, E.faecalis and S.aureus ; they are safe to use on surfaces in contact with baby's skin ; and they are dermatologically tested.

The back of the packet tells us that the wipes are "ideal for use on changing mats, high chairs, kitchen, bathroom and nursery surfaces" and are "perfect when travelling". Each packet contains 30 wipes and comes in a handy small pack that is perfect for stashing in your handbag or changing bag or even the glovebox of the car. I'm not a clean freak by any means but whenever we eat out and come across a dubious-looking highchair or changing table, I always feel more secure when having a quick swish with one of these wipes. They smell lovely and fresh and citrussy and don't leave the table all wet or sticky. They are also great for sanitising potties at potty-training time as they eliminate all the dodgy bugs simply and quickly. They are not flushable though so make sure you fling them in the dustbin and not the toilet.

They may be dirt cheap - they have an unbelievably low price of 77p for 30 wipes - but they are absolutely brilliant for peace of mind when gallivanting out and about with baby.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : 77p for 30 wipes

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