Monday 28 June 2010

Savlon Spray Plaster

When I was a kid, there was always a squished-up tube of Savlon in the first aid kit - actually, I don't remember there being much else in there except for a packet of plasters, some tweezers and a box of Rennies ! These days, in our house, we've progressed on to the high-tech version and now use Savlon Advanced Healing Gel (which I reviewed here). The kids know that as soon as there's a grazed knee or an infected insect bite, they need to head off to the first aid cupboard for a plaster and some Savlon ! They were therefore keen to test out the impressive-sounding Savlon Spray Plaster.

What you have is a little aerosol can of Savlon magic (I admit that is just a nice way of saying I have no idea what it's made of !) that you can spray on to minor cuts and grazes to keep them clean and help them heal, in place of a normal plaster. The label explains, "Savlon Spray Plaster delivers a spray-on waterproof and transparent film which helps protect cuts and grazes and aid the natural healing process. This no-touch formula is antiseptic upon application due to the alcohol content, and this helps reduce the risk of infection."

As expected, the first people in the house to have cuts and grazes to treat were the girls. Sophie got a nasty paper cut on her finger which she asked me to spray - she jumped around the room saying "ow ow it stings" but soon settled down, although she did say it was stinky and made her eyes water ! Juliette was next with a grazed knee. She made no fuss when I spray it on but wandered back to show me her knee twenty minutes later and said "look mum, it hasn't turned into a plaster" ! She really thought a fabric plaster was going to magically appear out of thin air !

For kids, I must admit I prefer still using the traditional sticky plasters because they clean all the muck out and have that real "magic mummy kiss" charm of making your injured little one feel instantly better because he can go around showing his plaster to everyone for sympathy ! The Spray Plaster does avoid the soggy plasters getting left in the bottom of the bath or falling off two seconds after sticking them on because they've got stuck to the inside of their trouser legs. It also avoids the major whingeing session when you have to pull off a particularly well stuck-on plaster, especially if it's on a hairy arm or leg !

For an adult, I would recommend the Spray Plaster as a more discreet version of a normal plaster. It is transparent, non-drip and best of all waterproof, so you won't forever lose your plaster in the washing up bowl or when washing your hands if you've cut your finger.

It's quite pricey, retailing at £6.19 for 40ml, but it's a handy product to stash in your handbag or the glovebox in the car to deal with all those little scrapes and grazes that you constantly have to deal with as a parent.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £6.19

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