Wednesday 2 June 2010

Tristel Protect sporicidal foam and bactericidal wipes

When I was a kid, I remember a publicity campaign for Domestos where their slogan was "Kills all known germs. Dead." Well, Tristel products go one step further because their slogan is "Tristel at home - Kills what other disinfectants can't". That's a huge claim but it does look pretty impressive - as well as killing all known germs (dead !), Tristel products are sporicidal, virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal. Apparently, unlike Tristel, common household and garden disinfectants, and even the majority of disinfectants used in hospitals, cannot kill bacterial spores.

Tristel products may be a new brand for consumers but they've been around for a long time in hospitals. "For more than ten years Tristel’s infection control products have been used in the highest infection risk areas, in more than 700 UK hospitals, and in 20 countries worldwide. The Tristel hospital disinfectants are used in the high risk areas such as intensive care units, isolation wards, and the departments tending to the old and the young. Hospitals increasingly resort to Tristel products when there are infection outbreaks." Well, if they can safely disinfect germ-ridden hospitals, I'm sure they can deal with anything the average home can throw at them.

The new consumer-friendly range is called Protect and comprises two products, a sporicidal foam and bactericidal wipes. For maximum efficiency the two should be used together. The products are highly effective against Norovirus, and all types of bacteria that pose a risk to the very young or very old. As I'm currently off work with a horrible flu-type virus (yes, I know, in June !) that has had me in bed for the last 24 hours and the girls have also had a bit of an upset stomach, I'm gaily spraying and wiping everything and anything around the house to try and stop Pierre coming down with it. They're really easy to use - the thick foam doesn't drip everywhere and the wipes are really big and strong so you don't get that absolutely disgusting feeling of a wipe disintegrating beneath your fingers as you clean the toilet ! You only need to use one wipe and a couple of small sprays for the average cleaning session (high chair tray, work tops, door handles, teething rings ... despite being highly toxic to germs, they're baby friendly).

The products are effective on all hard surfaces in the home but mustn't be used on soft furnishings as they may discolour them. Tristel say that as far as they are aware, there are no other products available to the public that are this powerful, safe to use and fast acting.

They're not cheap - the wipes are £7 and the foam is £23.70 - but how can you put a price on peace of mind, particularly if you have a premature or newborn baby or somebody frail and elderly in the house ?

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £7 for the bactericidal wipes (for 35 wipes), £23.70 for the sporicidal foam (enough for 140 pumps of the solution)

The new range is available from

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