Sunday 19 February 2012

Bakestone Bakers Dozen February Delivery review

As I told you before, I'm honoured to be one of the Bakers Dozen for Bakestone, reviewing - and sometimes even previewing - a selection of their products to see if their recipes or packaging need tweaking or, for the new product ideas, whether or not they are worth putting on the shelves. Here's the selection that the postie delivered this month :

Reading the enclosed feedback form, I absolutely love the names of these products. Here's what Bakestone had to say :

HOOFERS : A barmcake with attitude ! Ideal for chip butties, yum !

POPPY SEED NUDGER : A tasty and healthy choice for lunchboxes and big enough to satisfy healthy appetites !

NUDGERS :  A long brown roll similar to a large finger roll. A longstanding favourite in Liverpool.

TOOTHSOMES : Two longer finger style rolls that are great for sandwiches or hot dogs. Toothsome literally means delicious or luscious.

Now, being a Southerner, I had no idea what a regular barmcake is, let alone a barmcake with attitude, so I scuttled off to Wikipedia to investigate. It appears that a Barmcake is basically a floury bun but I have to admit, I couldn't stifle a snigger at some of the local delicacies favoured oop North. A chip barm sounds good to me (although I don't know any fish & chip shops down South that actually sell ready-made chip butties - to the best of my knowledge, you need to make them yourself at home) but the one that made my eyes pop out on stalks was the Pasty Barm. Now, I really need someone from Bolton to tell me if this really exists or if it's an urban myth that has made its way onto Wikipedia ! Do people really eat these ?!

Here at The Madhouse, we all loved the Hoofers but didn't fill them with chips or pasties - we made cracking bacon butties instead. I would happily have eaten them filled with ham and salad or even toasted with butter and jam but somehow, that seemed very feeble after my Wikipedia investigation so I thought I'd better get more in the spirit of things ! They're lovely and soft and extremely versatile.

The kids loved the Toothsomes (another great name !) because they found the shape easier to hold and fit into their mouths. They didn't like the Nudgers so much because they're not keen on brown bread, but I preferred those as they seemed a healthier choice. And they didn't like the Poppy Seed Nudgers because they said the seeds got stuck in their teeth but the grown-ups preferred them because they seeds added some great texture and flavour to really bring sandwiches to life.

We all agreed though that the fab names made them seem more appealing and fun than eating the same thing but calling it a bap or roll ! I'm still not eating a pasty in a roll though, whatever you call it !!

for more information :

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  1. These look nice, the barm resembles the stottie cakes we get here :)

  2. Look really tasty, ideal for hotdogs or bacon butties (probably elimits the nice benefits of better bread!)

  3. The pasty barm looks insane,it would take me a week to eat that- bacon sounds like a much better alternative!

  4. We liked the poppyseed nudgers the most, while hoofers were a bit too bland to my liking, even with the fillings. I still need to do a review. Loved your review will all the extra info, just brilliant, a pleasure to read.

  5. Thanks for all your comments. I've been told on twitter that pasty barms really do exist and they're delicious !!


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