Saturday 18 February 2012

Lush Leap Frog Bath Ballistic review

Never one to miss a celebration, Lush came up with some fabulous products for Valentine's Day, including this Leap Frog Bath Ballistic, which they kindly sent through for us to review. You may have noticed that I've taken the photo from the Lush website but that's because our poor froggie was a bit worse for wear after a trip through the postal system ! It looks just like the picture though (or it would have done if it had arrived in one piece).

This was actually good news for the harmony of The Madhouse though as there is usually a bit of a tussle because everyone wants to try out the Lush goodies ! This time, I shared out the bits (keeping the biggest part for myself !!) and everyone was happy ! Even just a few small parts were enough to give off a heady scent of jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang, neroli and rose, perfect for a romantic bath à deux or for a luxurious soak getting ready for a big night out, and the kids (oh alright, and me, because I'm a big kid too !) loved the fact that the water turned a vivid shade of green !

Now this bath ballistic is a bit of a reinvention. Traditonally called the Frog Prince Bath Bomb, it's been renamed the Leap Frog Bath Ballistic in honour of this year being a leap year, with the 29th February traditonally being the day that girls can ask their fellas for their hand in marriage !

The pouting frog is extremely cute but it also has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. Firstly, those bright red lips are made of cocoa butter so they melt more slowly than the green frog part, adding an impressive flash of colour in your bright green bathwater and also a lovely nourishing creaminess to the water. But that's not all - there's a secret message hidden inside the ballistic which will magically appear when the frog dissolves, but I won't tell you what it says or it will spoil the fun ! The label on the bag says that a limited number of these amorous amphibians have been made with an extra special message inside designed to help pop that all important question. How cool is that ?!

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.75 for 95g

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  1. I'm a bit of a purist with my bathing goodies and I like things with a little bit of either oil or cream to leave my skin feeling soft. I also like a bit of lovely lavender smell - I know that probably makes me sound like a granny, but that's what I like. So although this frog does look very smart and I'd probably give it as a pressie it's not really one I'd use myself.

  2. this looks great, i love lush products


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