Sunday 26 February 2012

Get inventive with your kids for National Science and Engineering Week

With National Science and Engineering Week sweeping the country from 9th to 18th March 2012, it sounds like the perfect time for trying out a science kit or two with the kids. We've already reviewed a selection of kits here at The Madhouse - I'll add some links at the end of this blogpost - but here are some other products that sound both educational and great fun.


Boys (and tomboys !) can knuckle down to some horror antics with Wild Science Weird Slime Laboratory, frightening and revolting their friends and relatives with gruesome, lifelike guts and slime. Inadvertently learning about the science of polymers, kids will be totally engrossed in creating ghastly blood clots, exploding slugs and growing gruesome tapeworms.

Alternatively, My Living World is an award winning range that explores the amazing world of living creatures, including ants, worms and Triops. These kits are safe, educational and environmentally sound; ideal for those fascinated by nature.

All of Interplay’s products come with highly detailed colour manuals that provide comprehensive instructions and fun hints and facts, ensuring that children get the most from each kit.

Participating in National Science and Engineering week this year need not cost the earth with Interplay’s Wild Science, Technokits and My Living World science kits all priced under £15.

You may also like Great Gizmos’ 4M science kits, endorsed by the Science Museum. The latest collection allows scientific experiments to be conducted right at home enabling young boffins the opportunity to carry out tests and trials using everyday materials.

Environmental issues are tackled head on with Great Gizmos’ range of recycling projects such as Trash Robot; this simple but fun kit contains cool stickers and wobbly eyes to be added to recycled bottles right from your home. Why not add some bendy arms with concertinaed newspaper or magazines to complete the look?

Other great eco-friendly kits include the Windmill Generator and the ultra cool Weather Station which lets kids keep track of weather changes, learn facts about the weather and once they have finished exploring the bottle can be recycled into their very own green house. Sticking with a green theme, children can learn how sunlight is turned into energy with the Solar Rover kit, a tin can vehicle which once constructed will glide across the floor using just solar energy – and the hotter it is – the faster it moves!

For other mechanical fun teens can really lift off with the Electric Plane Launcher by discovering how spinning motors and plastic disks are perfect tools to launch a paper plane up to 50 km/h - this exciting speed machine will be hard to catch!

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  1. some really fun products here. Love the look of the trash robot.

  2. My son would love the Slime Laboratory but I would personally prefer the Ant World!

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  4. Lot of fun the experiment with bicycle pump and water bottle. Pumpinmg and making it go reall high! This company is recommended lots of fun project kits all to do with science


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