Saturday 25 February 2012

Interplay Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory review

Lip balm is always a great product for tweens who are too young to wear proper make-up but who want to start feeling all grown-up by experimenting with perfume, nail varnish and cosmetics. 10-year-old Sophie already loves her lip balm and has a collection of different coloured pots and flavoured sticks, so when she was offered the chance to review the Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory from Interplay, she was over the moon.

 The kit combines the girly-girly cosmetics aspect with a proper, pseudo-scientific, educational kit so you're actually learning as you play, ending up with a brilliant end-product which is just a bonus really.

The kit is very complete, containing :
soy ester
baby oil
vegetable wax beads
2 x fruity flavours
oil-based yellow and red colours
balm compact & brush
big & small beaker
special workbench
microwave heating tray
colour instruction book & safety sheet

Having never really thought about what goes into making lipbalm, I was actually quite fascinated myself, which is just as well because - despite being designed for girls aged 10+ - the kit does call for some adult supervision because you need to heat things up in the microwave. Sophie took the whole thing incredibly seriously, especially as you are told to wear the protective gloves in the box. The gloves are too big for kids really, which is a shame as it makes it more difficult to handle the little bottles and implements, but they did make her feel all important !

The kit contains plenty of ingredients for you to play around with different colours and flavours, even allowing you to add in SPF sun protection. This is where the educational aspect comes into its own because you get to test the SPF by using UV detector beads that come in the kit - fascinating stuff and Sophie said she understood why I always made her wear sun cream now !

The fact that you can make the lip balms in a grown-up looking compact that is perfect for slipping in your pocket or bag to show off to your friends was just the final plus point in a long list. You get plenty of ingredients to make more lip balm when you've run out, and the plastic workbench keeps everything safely stored away in the meantime.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £12.99

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  1. This looks fab!! It's the perfect gift for my niece!! I love finding new products and fun gift ideas to buy the children in my life, they really are a creative bunch.

  2. I don't know about kids but I would certainly like to try this, lol!

  3. Awesome! I am starting to want all the kids stuff that you review for myself lol! Shows how mature I am!
    ...I already have too many lip balms though :)

  4. Shame its 10+ my daughter is far too young! Looks great though


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