Thursday 9 February 2012

Disney Club Penguin Magazine review

Sophie was over the moon when we received the new Club Penguin Magazine, launching today, to review. It's actually the first ever Club Penguin magazine in the UK, which I found surprising, because there is a Club Penguin annual every year (that we sometimes buy when they're cheap after Christmas !) so it seemed the obvious continuation.

Well, it is very similar in style, containing everything any Club Penguin fan would want or expect from a magazine, including activities, puzzles, jokes and fans' artwork. Everything you would find in any of the other zillions of kids' magazines on the shelf, really.

But that wasn't the most exciting part for Sophie. The front page immediately announces this as a Mega-Gift Issue, so I don't know how generous they will be in future issues, but you get a free 7 day membership to the Club Penguin website, 1500 coins and two secret codes for your penguin. They do announce that each issue will come with a free 7-day membership, a code to unlock items from the Treasure Book and sometimes an exclusive online item. Cue much squealing from our resident Club Penguin fan !

The monthly magazine will cost £2.99, which is comparable to other similar magazines and - when you take into account the value of the free membership and virtual gifts - isn't bad. Sophie read it cover to cover, said that she'd like to send in a picture to see if she can get it printed and has been eagerly asking to go online to redeem her codes, so it is obviously highly appealing to the target audience.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.99

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  1. I keep seeing club penguin stuff everywhere, not sure if my daughter is a bit young for it, so far she's not shown too much interest

  2. One of my daughters loves Club Penguin, will definitely look out for this - thanks.

  3. My daughter has been badgering me to become a member so if you get a 7 day membership with a mag then that's good, but the mag is still £2.99 which is quite expensive, for us anyway.

  4. Ooh not seen this one before, sounds good though :-)

  5. My son James went through a stage of being mad about Club Penguin, and I'm sure if he saw this he would want to buy it.


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