Sunday 26 February 2012

Baba+Boo Potty Training Pants review

I think we've finally turned a corner with Pierre - although he's far from being totally potty-trained, he does now do at least a few wees and poos in it on a daily basis and is enjoying being praised for being a big boy. We've bought him a selection of "big boy pants" - Madhouse Daddy Mike chose them and I couldn't help but smile at the multipack featuring Spiderman and Superman that he bought ! It was also the perfect timing for us to receive these funky cowskin-patterned Potty Training Pants from Baba+Boo.

I already thought they were really cute from the front but when you flip them over, they've got a little tail ! More importantly, they've also got a three layer system in the gusset with an inbuilt terry pad and waterproof lining. This is nowhere near as absorbent as a nappy - it's designed to contain one wee - and the idea is that it will let the child know that they are wet. If there is a little accident, it helps keep things contained and avoid having to change the whole outfit.

Here's Pierre proudly showing them off. You may wonder why his bodysuit is done up over his shoulder - it's not some strange new fashion, it's to stop the back dragging in his potty when he's done a wee !

The training pants come in two sizes - 18-24m (Waist: 43cm, Legs: 26cm) and 2-3y (Waist: 47cm, Legs: 29cm) - and the elasticated waist and legs help keep everything snug. 

I love the fact that they're a more eco-friendly version of throwaway pull-up pants and that the waterproof liner gives you more peace of mind if you want to go out to the shops or pick up the big sisters from school without having to put a nappy back on.

As well as the cow print, there are designs featuring pirates, dinosaurs, ladybird spots, busy bee or princess. They're all really cute and have the perfect balance of fun, funky and functional. 

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £5.99

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  1. These are great, I love the design and they sound really good, I will be needing these soon for my youngest!

  2. Aaaah. Baba and Boo wins again. Lovely.

  3. ohh these do look good, will have to investigate when we start potty training!


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