Monday 27 February 2012

Oxo Good Grips Hand Held Mixer review

Well, the kids weren't going to let me forget that it was Pancake Day last week but I was actually secretly pleased because it was the perfect opportunity for testing out the fab new Oxo Good Grips Hand Held Mixer that we were kindly sent to review. It reminds me of a funked-up version of the really old hand-held mixer that my nan used to use so it was really nostalgic.

Both of the girls were really impressed - surprisingly so, as they come from a generation of kids used to gadgets for everything - and wouldn't stop playing with it. Comparing it to the old-fashioned basic model, there are some definite improvements that have been made to the original. Firstly, the whisk parts can be detached simply by pressing a button which makes cleaning it an absolute breeze. Secondly, the turning cogs are all hidden inside a sealed unit so there's no way inquisitive fingers can get hurt.

It was also incredibly smooth to use with none of the stopping and starting I remember from the one I used to use with my nan. I let Juliette whisk up the pancake batter and was impressed to see that it still works even if you push it right on to the bottom of the bowl. You can also turn the handle in either direction and it works equally well.

I can see this getting a lot of use in the kitchen, every time we want to whisk up anything from batters and cake mixes to cheese sauce or cream.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £20

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