Monday 27 February 2012

Kids' app review : Miffy's Garden

Miffy has been popular with generations of kids so when the chance came up to review a new kids' app featuring the cute bunny, all three of the Madhouse Mini-testers wanted to get involved with the reviewing, even if it is designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers !

The app is basically a storybook app, with a very simple story about Miffy growing carrots in her garden. It has a few nice extra features though, which the kids loved. First of all, for the story itself, you can listen to the narrator (who sounds like the voice of Masterchef to me !) reading it to you or you can record it yourself so that you can have a familiar voice - maybe the grandparents or a sibling - reading the story. If you have a beginner reader, they will also be very proud to record themselves reading the story.

There are some simple but fun interactive bits, taking you through the different processes for growing carrots - digging the soil, raking it, sowing seed, watering it, digging up the carrots and putting them in the basket. 2-year-old Pierre got all excited because he could manage it all and make the story progress !

There are also three very simple games that you can play at the end - counting carrots, matching objects to their shadows and creating your own garden. 

The girls both recognised the app as being based on the book ‘Miffy’s garden’ by Dick Bruna and loved it because it made them nostalgic but Pierre, who has never come across the book before, also loved it in its own right so it obviously has great appeal for its target audience.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £2.49


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