Wednesday 15 February 2012

Funky Vertbaudet baby bedding review

I distinctly remember buying cot sheets for each of the kids just before they were born. They've all slept in the same cot but we do always get new sheets, as they invariably get stained with regurgitated milk, leaky nappies and bogey noses at some point ! Predictably, there are lots of pastel colours available - we went for yellows, greens and lilacs - but they were all pretty plain and unremarkable.

I was therefore totally wowed by the new range of baby bedding from Vertbaudet, featuring funky stripes, flowers, polka dots and Paisley-type patterns. Poor Pierre has been sleeping in rather tatty sheets recently because, now aged two and a half, I know he's almost ready to move from his baby bed to a big boy's bed (sniff, he's growing up so fast, I can't believe he'll be going to school in September !) so it seems a waste of money to buy new cot sheets that we'll never get any wear out of.

Well, Vertbaudet to the rescue because they kindly sent us one of their cot sheets to review. We got the orange and white striped Safari fitted sheet. It's made of pure cotton so is totally breathable and won't make baby get sweaty. It's machine washable up to 60° and promises to be colourfast - I gave it a test wash to check and it came out in pristine condition. The elasticated corners make it a breeze for putting on and, although it doesn't feel as soft as out current jersey sheets, Pierre laid straight down and repeatedly rubbed it with his hand at bedtime so I think that means he thought it was soft ! I actually think these pure cotton sheets would be more pleasant in the summer because they would stay cooler.

If you want a cheap way of giving your nursey or child's bedroom a makeover, buying some of these funky sheets would be a great start.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £14 (but currently £11.20)

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  1. These are gorgeous. I particularly like the pink and white stripes. These make such a lovely change from plain white or pastels

  2. loving the leopard print but pretty pricey!

  3. Sounds great and those colours look fab, I love the purple and pink ones :)

  4. Great, thanks for the review.
    I love the candy stripes, different but lovely.

  5. these are fantastic sheets and the designs are really fun and colourful x


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