Wednesday 8 February 2012

Dr. Oetker Casa Di Mama pizzas review

We were recently given the opportunity of trying out the new range of Casa Di Mama pizzas from Dr Oetker. (I have no idea why but the name Dr Oetker always has me reciting the "Dr Foster went to Gloucester in a shower of rain" rhyme !)

Well, there was no stepping in puddles right up to our middles but there was much appreciative lip-smacking and finger-licking going on once we got tasting. 

The difference with these pizzas compared to most frozen pizzas is that they are made with a fresh dough base that is frozen before being cooked so it actually bakes properly in the oven, rather than just being defrosted and reheated. Dr Oetker say that this will make it crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside, as well as tasting fresher than any pizza offered in the chilled aisle. The only thing you mustn't forget is that you must preheat the baking tray along with the oven to get that crispy on the outside, soft on the inside freshness.

Well, I have to say, it's not bad at all. You still don't get that absolutely indulgent pizza base that you get in pizza restaurants (or maybe that's because we always go for deep pan pizzas when we eat out) but it's certainly tastier and softer than the often cardboard-like base of many frozen pizzas. It smells more like fresh baked bread than usual when you heat it in the oven, and this had the Madhouse mini-testers coming into the kitchen to enquire about what was for tea - always a good sign !

There is a choice of two flavours: Diavola and Quattro Formaggi. The kids loved the ultra-cheesy Quattro Formaggi, described as "a rich tomato sauce combined with a subtle blend of mozzarella, Edam, emmental and blue cheese, for a melt in the mouth delight". They ate the lot and wiped every last smear of tomato sauce off the plates with their fingers, which says it all really !

The grown-ups liked the Quattro Formaggi too, but preferred the spicier Diavola, described as "the feisty one" (!), with an ingredients list including succulent Calabrese salami, mozzarella, Edam, fiery red chillies and tangy red onion. Don't be put off though, it's not as spicy as it sounds. The crispy base and generous toppings got a thumbs up for this one too.

Casa Di Mama have teamed up with the How to Cook in High Heels girls Korin Nolan (from Channel FIVE's The Wright Stuff) and Sasha Parker (who won Coleen's Real Women), to create some healthy and delicious recipes to accompany the fresh-dough pizza – perfect for quick and easy meals.


Two delicious accompaniments that kids love! The fruity coleslaw is a great way to sneak some extra fruit and veg into children’s diets. All kids love sweet food and the apple and grapes give this a subtle sweet flavour that tastes fresh and light.


This is a substantial side dish which goes perfectly with the Diavola Casa di Mama pizza. It is just as tasty cold the day after, so it could be prepared the day before if you had more time.


This is a new version of potato wedges that kids love! This recipe includes a mixture of white potatoes and sweet potatoes, which are a great source of vitamin and minerals.

You can find the complete recipes on the Casa Di Mama website (see below).

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.79

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  1. FRUITY COLESLAW AND RAINBOW SALAD sounds nice and if it gets the kids to eat healthier even better!

  2. These pizza's go down well in our house they are amongst the top five shop bought ones, loving the rainbow salad.
    I'm lucky all ours love their fruit & veg. But its always fun to make it look different.

  3. I didn't realise they made pizzas, it looks really tasty and now I too will have that nursery rhyme in my head when I see the Dr Oetker label

  4. All looks delicious. Never tried these pizzas before, i'll look out for them

  5. Great review! I'm more of a deep pan girl myself though so I don't normally buy the frozen thin based ones... I go for the Goodfellas deep ones with far too many calories!!

  6. My husband and I love these pizzas - we buy them quite regularly! My favourite is the Diavola too!! :-)

  7. A good variety of tasty pizzas to be seen in this range, it would seem. I'll look out for these in the supermarket - a must buy :)


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