Friday 31 January 2014

This month's Kitchen Nomad box ... Destination La France !

I always love the moment a new Kitchen Nomad box arrives at The Madhouse. First, you have the excitement of discovering which country is being showcased this month, then you look at all the exotic ingredients wondering how to pronounce them and what on earth you are supposed to do with them before finally looking at the recipe cards to see what globe-cooking delights you'll be eating in the coming weeks. Well, this month's culinary destination is ... France. Not quite as exotic as some of the other far-flung countries that have been featured in previous boxes (Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Greece, Mexico and Pakistan so far) but France has such a rich gastronomical heritage that I couldn't wait to see what had been selected.

This month's box contains :
Sardine fillets in Organic Sunflower oil from Fish4ever
Traditional Organic Sea Salt from Clearspring
Clear honey from Rowse
Dark Green Speckled Lentils from Just Natural
Mediterranean Salad Croutons from La Rochelle
Dijon Original Mustard from Maille
Broken Walnuts from Just Natural
Thyme from Nature's Kitchen

I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed to see some already well-known and widely available supermarket brands in there such as Maille (admittedly French) and Rowse - I'd have preferred some less well-known alternatives actually sourced in France in authentic French packaging to really provide the full virtual gastronomic tour experience.

On to the recipes themselves ... This month we have :

Tomato Slices and Sardine Pâté
Carrot Tarte Tatin
Chunky Savoie Salad with a Walnut Vinaigrette
Beer-doused Ham Hock
Walnut and Caramel Tart

Being married to a Frenchman, I was sure I'd already know half of the recipes backwards but I'm pleased to say, they're all new dishes that I'm really looking forward to discovering.

Watch this space, I'll be showing you how we get on. A bientôt, mes amis !

Disclosure : I received a discounted Kitchen Nomad subscription in order to keep you up to date with their latest boxes.

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