Friday 17 January 2014

What's cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 17/1/14

I felt like looking for some new dishes this week so I've been rummaging through my cookery books.

lunch - probably a seafood salad at McDonald's as we didn't go last week and the kids like the soft play

dinner - homemade soup and toast for the grown-ups, cheese toasties or sandwiches for the kids

lunch - traditional roast dinner or possibly raclette, as Pierre put in a request ! I'll keep down the calories by filling my plate with salad, tomatoes and boiled potatoes and going easy on the cheese and cured meats

dinner - leftover soup or porridge if anyone's hungry


lunch - bonus afternoon off because my classes are cancelled so I'll need a quick lunch, for those who have to go back to work/school - I'm thinking cheesy veggie bake with breaded chicken

dinner - Aubergine, lemon and chickpea stew (based on a WeightWatchers recipe) but I might have to add something meaty like chorizo to keep Madhouse Daddy happy !


dinner - Crispy Potato & Meatball Pan Fry (another WeightWatchers recipe)


lunch - Hickory BBQ sauce-marinated chicken with sweet potato wedges

dinner - Cheesy Baked Ziti with Kale


dinner - Pork chops with creamy chive sauce and root veg mash


dinner - cheesy leek & ham soup

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  1. ooh now the Crispy Potato & Meatball Pan Fry appeals.
    Raclette i still yearn for too.

  2. I'll blog the recipe for the potato/meatball thing once I've made it. It's the right weather for raclette !


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