Thursday 9 January 2014

Foodie fun : Chocolate Fondue

The Madhouse Mini-testers have been asking to do a chocolate fondue for weeks so this week, I gave in and had a look around the kitchen to see what I could rustle up. Usually we do these in the summer and use fresh strawberries, peaches, cherries and other fresh fruit that is out of season at the moment. For this winter version, I opted for leftover peppermint creams, apple wedges, banana slices, mango chunks, Fruit Crunch Ryvita crispbread and shortbread pieces.

I broke a bar of chocolate into pieces and melted in in the microwave - and they were off !

We decided to liven things up by following the French tradition used for proper fondue (with pieces of bread dipped in a melted cheese sauce or chunks of meat in hot oil) - if you drop your piece of bread/meat (or for our chocolate version, the fruit or biscuit piece), you have to do a forfeit !

Sophie was the first to lose a piece of Ryvita in the chocolate bowl and had to subject herself to the most humiliating challenge that her cheeky little sister could think of ... but I promised I wouldn't divulge what that was ! (Luckily it wasn't too bad !)

It's a lovely fun snack or dessert that is actually quite healthy, if you don't overdo the chocolate too much. It's a great way of getting the kids to experiment with different fruits they may not be keen on usually.

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  1. What a really super duper way to have fun .. i love the fact too that there are health and non healthy options too

    please do link this up next monday my lovely xx

    p.s i so think your mean for not telling us what the forfeit was! lol

    1. LOL Sophie's getting to that age where she has to vet the photos that I'm allowed to publish of her - she wouldn't let me post the final photo unless I agreed not to share her forfeit - and yes, she will check ! lol

  2. It looks like so much fun & a great way to use up leftovers :-)


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