Monday 6 January 2014

New Covent Garden Skinny Quinoa and Turtle Bean Soup review

After a couple of weeks of festive over-indulgence, me and Madhouse Daddy keep saying in unison "do you fancy some soup for tea tonight?!" Well, we'd picked up a few cartons in the supermarket on special offer so grabbed a carton of New Covent Garden Skinny Quinoa and Turtle Bean Soup. The "Skinny" label actually put me off a bit when I saw it on the shelf because I was expecting something green and watery (remember the Cabbage Soup Diet fad ? That always sounded equally unappealing to me !) but the half price promotion won me over and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

It actually reminds me of the Mexican Black Bean Soup that we now regularly make since using the ingredients and recipe from a Kitchen Nomad box. It's a really chunky, satisfying soup, packed with black turtle beans (very similar to red kidney beans), vegetables and tiny little curly bits that are presumably quinoa. I couldn't detect the lime but there is a subtle chilli kick that comes through making it the perfect winter warmer.

It looks and tastes really indulgent and filling but unbelievably only contains 2% fat. Each half carton bowlful provides 2 of your 5 a day, as well as 141 calories, 6.9g of protein, 21.3g of carbs (of which 8.4g sugars), 1.5g of fat (of which 0.6g saturates), 7.8g of fibre and 0.9g of salt. It has nothing but green traffic lights on the packaging so it's a totally guilt-free meal if you're watching your waistline. Don't be put off by the skinny label - it's lovely and doesn't taste like diet food !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.20 for 600g but we picked some up for £1 in ASDA 

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  1. That sounds perfect for all those healthy eating resolutions.

  2. We've been making our own but it's great to have a carton in the fridge for when you need something quick.


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