Tuesday 7 January 2014

Our Makies doll has arrived !

You may remember me telling you just before Christmas about the rather futuristic-sounding concept of Makies 3d printed dolls. I showed you the totally personalised doll that Sophie came up with and, needless to say, she was very excited when it arrived. In the picture above is her creation online and here is the actual doll :

As you can see, her creation really has been brought to life. You can see all the extra accessories that we ordered and the moment of unpacking in the video below :

It is very expensive - the doll costs £69 and the extra outfit and accessories took the price of ours up to £99 - but I've no doubt they have to recoup the cost of investing in all that new technology and equipment, which can't be cheap. If you want an extra special gift for a teen or even an adult who collects dolls, they're sure to be wowed by the concept and the product itself. Whatever your age, there's something very special about being able to create a doll to exactly the specifications that you want. You could make it look like yourself or your idol or just go with the flow and have fun online playing around with the features and clothes until you create exactly the look that you want. It's lovely to know that nobody else in the world will have one just like you too.

for more information : www.selfridges.com/makies

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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