Thursday 23 January 2014

Woohoo for Boohoo !

There were some big smiles at The Madhouse today when the postie dropped off this huge bag of goodies from Boohoo. You may remember back before Christmas, Sophie helped me take part in a Boohoo campaign on the Yourvine website. We had great fun blinging up her hair with a tinsel bow on Instagram and making her disappear in a cloud of fairy dust on a Vine video but the real excitement was when we got to the end and realised we'd won ourselves a £100 shopping voucher !

Well, here's our huge stash ! I was really impressed with the prices, especially with the sale on, and once it arrived, I was really pleased with the quality too. For our £100 budget, we managed to get 2 onesies, a pair of bottle green jeans, a burgundy jumper, a New York jumper, some funky pink tartan velvet leggings and a pair of thick ribbed leggings.

But that's not all - I also got a pair of faux suede boots and some Converse-style high tops. Nine items including shoes for under £100 is a total bargain in my books.

Pierre laughed his head off (as you can see) when he saw that Mummy had a onesie ! I must admit, I wasn't sure about them but they're really comfortable and warm, even if Mike said it looked like a 1980's ski suit  ! The only downside is, I may have to work out a new system for going to the toilet though !

Sophie got a rather funky Stars and Stripes onesie too which she immediately put on and spent the rest of the evening pretending to be the Statue of Liberty !

Many thanks to Boohoo and Yourvine for running the campaign. It was great fun and we can't wait to see what the next one will be !

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  1. Ohh how fantastic!
    Congratulations! Looks like a lot of lovely things there x

    1. Thanks Kim. Yourvine is a great place for campaigns so keep your eyes open - they have a set number of prizes on various levels and it's first come first served so you have to work through as quickly as you can. We had a right laugh doing them !


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