Wednesday 29 January 2014

Maggi Honey & Mustard Chicken review

While I love cooking from scratch and experimenting with new herbs and spices, I also love the convenience of having cooking sauces and seasoning sachets as a fall-back plan for those days when I'm in a rush and need something quick and simple on the table. Continuing my New Year's resolution to clear out everything lurking at the back of my food cupboards, I'm moving on to the seasoning sachets so I'll be reviewing lots of them over the coming weeks ! Last week, I tried out Maggi Honey & Mustard Chicken. It is described as "an all-in-one sticky honey and mild mustard chicken tray bake" which is "the ideal mid-week dinner". That certainly ticked all the right boxes.

After mixing the contents of the sachet with 200ml water, I dipped in the chicken thighs and left them to marinate while I prepped the veggies.

I peeled and chopped a few carrots, a couple of onions and some potatoes (leaving the peel on the potatoes - I prefer the texture and it adds fibre and vitamins too). I tossed these in the remaining mixture.

I put the vegetables in a roasting tin, laid the chicken on top and poured the last bit of mixture over the top of the chicken.

I headed off to do other mum-stuff and 45 minutes later, I could smell delicious cooking smells wafting out of the kitchen. I love the fact that you get a complete balanced meal with very little effort because once it's in the oven, it gets on with it all by itself and needs no input whatsoever. 

The sauce gave the vegetables a nice lift and created a wonderful brown crispy chicken skin. It has a lovely mild flavour which the whole family loved - in fact, nobody could really detect mustard at all.

The pack has slightly confusing nutritional values displayed. It says that one serving provides 517 calories, 13.3g of sugar, 20.4g of fat, of which 5.1g saturates, and 1.6g of salt. This presumably includes the suggested 750g of chicken thighs & drumsticks, 200g potatoes and 200g root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips or sweet potato, which I would guess is supposed to serve 4 (but served 5 for us, although I didn't weigh out the meat and veg).

star rating : 4/5

RRP : 85p

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  1. The finished version looks delicious! Will try this one out :) Thank you for the recipe x


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