Saturday 25 January 2014

Heroes of the City review

There was much excitement at The Madhouse when a parcel arrived all the way from Sweden. This excitement intensified when Pierre discovered what was inside - a lovely selection of products featuring Heroes of the City, an animated series that we weren't aware of but that has instantly become a firm favourite.

Pierre was delighted to discover two little die-cast models of a couple of the characters from the show - Paulie the Police Car and Harry Hot Rod. Their small, chunky size is very cute and is also perfect for little hands to play with. They reminded us of the humanised vehicles from Cars.

 Pierre had great fun driving them all over the dining table and making up stories involving them, presumably inspired by the faces on the fronts because he doesn't usually make up stories when playing with his cars - he just makes vroom noises and crashes them !

The book - The Hot Air Balloon - has the size and format of an annual and tells a very exciting story of Calamity Crow tripping over the guy rope of a hot air balloon and drifting up into the air above the city. Several of the city-dwellers (including Paulie the Police Car, much to Pierre's delight) make daring rescue attempts, using the fire engine's ladder, the sea plane and ultimately a helicopter, before they manage to bring the poor crow back down to earth. The series' motto of "Friendship and Cooperation - Everyone Can Be A Hero" is represented in a really child-friendly and appealing way.

The DVD also got a warm reception. It features five episodes - The Movie Makers, Cara & The Mini Circus, The Ghost Car, The Race and Wacky Wayne Comes To Town - and Pierre loved all of them. I have to admit, I wandered off to do other stuff after seeing the first couple of episodes, but I love the little life lessons in there, such as not leaving fires unattended and not wandering off by yourself.

If you like the sound of the show, as well as the books, DVDs and toys, there is also a lovely app available that has some great content including one full movie episode, 3 games and a music video for free. There are also in-app purchases available if you want to upgrade, offering a total of nine games and six hours of video content.

I also have a lovely Heroes of the City giveaway coming up in just a second so don't go away !

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Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. My four love Heroes of the City! I quite like it too! Just anoter expense for us mums as they always want the merch that comes out too!


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