Friday 31 January 2014

January's Degustabox has arrived !

There was a very exciting delivery at The Madhouse this week - the January Degustabox ! I showed you what was in the December Degustabox last month and have been having fun incorporating some of the contents into new recipes in the Madhouse Kitchen, making an Apple & Pear-offee Pie which I've already told you about, and a Spicy Sausage & Mediterranean Veg Lasagne - a recipe that I'll be sharing with you very soon.

Well, here is what was hiding away inside the January box :

Belgian Butter Crisp biscuits from Jules Destrooper who have respected the original 19th century family recipe, using rich summer butter and a secret blend of spices, for 4 generations and 125 years ! I've tried these before in Belgian chocolate/duty free shops and they are lovely, with a really rich, satisfyingly buttery taste. They're very moreish !

Quinola Mothergrain Express is the perfect way to enjoy quinoa and save time! I've heard a lot about quinoa and how good it is supposed to be for you, so I love the idea of the ready-cooked sachet which can be eaten cold in a salad or warmed up with a hot meal. Both organic and Fairtrade, Quinola Mothergrain Express have won 4 Great Taste awards and it is also gluten-free.

Dorset Cereals Berry Granola, described as a heavenly mix of traditionally baked oats and zingy blackberries and raspberries, embraces all the principles of Dorset Cereals ideas on Simple Pleasures. I've tried many Dorset Cereals products in the past and have yet to find one that I don't love.

Goody Good Stuff sweeties in both Tropical Fruit and Sour Mix varieties - I've tried Goody Good Stuff sweets before (see my review here) so I know that the fact that they are suitable for vegetarian, halal and kosher diets, as well as being gluten, dairy, soy, nut and high fructose corn syrup free doesn't mean that they don't taste delicious. I may have to hide these ones from the kids !

Maggi’s So Juicy and So Tender range of cooking aids are the perfect answer to those tricky mid-week meals when you're in a rush.I've already tried out the Mexican Chicken and Sticky BBQ Chicken cook-in-the-bag So Juicy sachets, so I'm really keen to discover the new So Tender range which comes with herb-coated sheets of cooking papyrus instead of the bag for you to wrap the chicken in  - sounds intriguing ! I have the Italian Chicken sachet to try out.

Zico Coconut Water is a brand I'd never heard of, although I have read about Hollywood stars adopting coconut water as their new healthy drink. The Zico Chocolate in the Degustabox is made from 85% coconut water (from concentrate) and a natural chocolate flavour, offering a low calorie option with great hydrating qualities that should help banish those pesky chocolate cravings. The brand say you should choose Zico to get some Oomph so I'm looking forward to putting that to the test !

I'm not a tea fan so I thought I may have to pass this one on to a friend, but the bottle of naturally fizzy and slightly alcoholic drink does actually looks quite appealing. GO! Kombucha is the UK's leading raw kombucha tea brand and, in celebration of Chinese New Year, Degustabox are working with the brand to highlight their China White and Golden Yunnan teas which faithfully adhere to the ancient Chinese recipe. Filled with pro-biotic enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, they say that it is the perfect way to start your New Year invigorated and revitalised. It's the perfect month for trying a detox aid so I'll definitely give this a go. It's supposed to be an acquired taste though so I haven't been brave enough to try it yet - apparently you only need to drink a small amount each day for the health benefits to kick in. I'll let you know how I get on !

Amy's Kitchen Tomato Soup - this looks perfect for a quick midweek meal or I may end up incorporating it into a casserole or pasta bake if I'm feeling inventive. I love the fact that the ingredients list contains nothing but natural and organic ingredients with no nasty E-numbers.

Garofalo spaghetti - I've reviewed Garofalo pasta before and loved it. It has a really authentic look and taste and I love the slightly rough texture which is perfect for mopping up sauce.

There are some recipe ideas in with the Degustabox - I like the sound of the Quinola, Thyme and Beetroot Soup in particular - but I'm also looking forward to coming up with some new dishes myself too. I'll share them with you, obviously !

Each Degustabox costs £9.99 plus £3 post and packing and they guarantee that the value of the box contents will be about double what you pay. I also have a special code for Madhouse Family Reviews readers which will get you £3 off the price of your box - enter code C0QCF at the checkout.

Even better news - I'll have a giveaway coming very soon where you will be able to win your very own Degustabox too.

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a Degustabox in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Ohh they just get better!! Lots of fab goodies to try x

    1. I've been clearing space in my food cupboards and the Degustabox and Kitchen Nomad box have just filled them right back up again !

  2. I have tried the So Tender seasoned paper and the chicken turned out lovely and very tasty. I hope you enjoy it :) x

  3. The idea sounds a bit weird so I'm keen to see what we think !


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