Tuesday 11 February 2014

BT Wi-fi is now available for FREE at all Thistle hotels in the UK !

The first few times we went off on holiday, I used to scoff at the people sitting in the hotel lobby on their laptops, phones and ipads, thinking that they were wasting their precious holiday time and that they'd be much better off heading to the pool or the bar for a cocktail. 

Over time, I've come to see that it is actually a great idea though and we are now quite tempted to take an ipad with us, even when we go abroad. You can log on to keep up to date with news from home (indispensible if you have elderly parents or if you've sneaked off for a special weekend without the kids - not that we've ever managed to do this ourselves any time in the last ten years, apart from when I was giving birth !), check the weather or opening times for local attractions, put a few photos on your blog or Instagram to show everyone what you're up to ... OK let's be honest, you'll probably sneak on to Facebook, twitter or Candy Crush at some point too ! A report by BDRC Continental has found that hotel guests believe a good wi-fi service is just as important as a good night’s sleep !

Well, good news if you're staying at a Thistle hotel in the UK. BT has now launched a free, fast and unlimited Wi-fi service in partnership with glh to all guests at their hotels across the country. This 'one-click' service allows customers to log on to the Internet instantly, without the hassle of signing up and giving all their details. BT was the first supplier of public Wi-fi over 10 years ago and was therefore the ideal partner for Thistle Hotels in this initiative.

Due to the rise in popularity of smartphones, the role of reliable Wi-fi has never been more crucial to hotel guests, as consumers want to be able to connect to the Internet anywhere. Hopefully this BT-Thistle Hotels partnership will be rolled out to other chains in the near future.

Disclosure : This is a sponsored - but nevertheless honest and hopefully entertaining - post !

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