Friday 14 February 2014

Pro Plan Duo Delice review

Vicky and Didou were delighted to welcome the postman earlier in the month when he delivered a box from Insiders containing my Pro Plan Duo Delice campaign kit, which the Madhouse pooches had been chosen to help test out. As well as a detailed campaign guide, the kit contained a 2.5kg bag of Chicken & Rice dog food along with 5 mini bags and discount vouchers to give out to friends.

The Insiders guide explains that the range is designed to offer the nutrition you want with the taste your dog deserves. What would my mother and son testing team think?

Well, we were off to a good start - they immediately started sniffing the bag excitedly before I'd even opened it !

Tha Madhouse doggies eat dry dog food and I sometimes feel guilty about it not looking very appetising or meaty. The Purina Pro Plan Duo Delice has a unique dual texture with a mix of crunchy kibbles and tender shredded pieces. It smells quite nice to humans and obviously appeals to four-legged friends !

I poured some into the bowl and they immediately wolfed it down, then looked at me expectantly, wanting more ! They often leave half a bowl full of food to come back to, so I presume this means they found the Duo Delice tastier than their usual fayre !

Taste isn't the only thing the product has to offer though. It has been developed with vets and nutrition experts to provide a 100% complete and balanced dog food that will keep your dog in the best possible condition. I don't know if this is related or pure coincidence but both the dogs had been going through a phase of eating grass and making themselves sick. That's all stopped since switching over to the Duo Delice (but may, of course, not be connected !).

The product comes in three flavours - Chicken with Rice, Beef with Rice and Salmon with Rice - and two sizes of bag, 2.5kg or 10kg. It's only available in specialist pet stores, but you can find a list of stockists here. There is also a money-off voucher for your first purchase and a money back guarantee on the website so it's worth heading over for a look.

Disclosure : As a member of The Insiders, I received the product, as well as some samples to hand out, in order to spread the word about the product and collect honest feedback.

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  1. will show this to my sister as her little dog might like this


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