Sunday 9 February 2014

Sunday weigh-in : Who cares what the scales say?!

Even as I type this, I still haven't decided whether or not to jump on the scales this week or not. Despite feeling pretty grotty with my horrible cold/cough and having a busy week at work, I've managed to remain positive and make some good choices that have surprised me. Anyone using a SlimPod will know what I'm on about. Those little things that you do that make you go "oooh, why did I just do that? That's so not me !" This week, I had the crazy idea of running up and down the stairs several times on the trot JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT !! I've also been going to the fridge for a diet coke and coming back with a glass of water. Those are both definitely linked to the SlimPod and the FitPod !

I haven't put my target jeans on this week but I did put on a tunic top that I wore at Christmas and was worried about splitting the seams because it was a bit tight but this time it was the perfect fit and not at all clingy. That's all I need to know and is why I'm tempted to ditch the scales this week.

In the end, I did jump on : 84.1kg. No change. Aaaggghhh when will I get into the 83 point somethings ?! lol

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Positives of the week

- I challenged myself to go for a gentle jog once a week. I didn't do it this week - it's been windy and raining most of the time - but I did do the mad step-climbing thing, which made me smile, roll my eyes and think "yep, the FitPod's definitely working" !

- I've started leaving half full plates again. My unconscious is obviously telling my brain to stop when I'm full, rather than finishing a plate for the sake of it. This is the easy way to "diet" - you're not going without, you're just stopping when you should. No hunger pangs and no sense of depriving yourself.

- My WiiFit is on the way - can't wait to try it out. And at least I'll be able to use it whatever the weather.

- I've started giving the kids' leftovers to the dogs rather than eating them myself !

Current targets 

Last week's target :   Keep up with the SlimPod/FitPod. Get in at least one jog again. Into the 83's ! (Well, not quite but close enough)

This week's targets : VERY busy week this week so just do my best and make good food choices at the canteen. Use the WiiFit at least once and get into the blooming 83 point somethings !

Short-term targets : I have a new pair of bright blue target jeans to fit into ! (Done but I want them to be a bit looser.)

Longer-term targets : Get back to the 70-somethings. Get my badges back to "weight lost" being more than "left to lose"

STILL TO GO : 16.2kg

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  1. Good for you for getting into your tunic top! I haven't weighed this week, feel absolutely shocking so will join in next week ;-)

    1. Aww look after yourself and see you next week ! xxx

  2. It's not all about the number on the scales. The fact you've got into that top is great and shows that things are changing and going in the right direction. And well done on randomly running up the stairs and stopping eating when you're full! All great signs!

  3. sounds like its going well, such a great feeling when you can fit into your favourite clothes again :-)

    1. Very true - I've adopted the idea of always having a pair of slightly too small target jeas to try to fit into ! :)

  4. No change is better than going up! I think I'm going to ditch the scales for a while, it's upsetting to see no change especially when you're making a lot of effort - at the same time it isn't the only indicator - if you've gained muscle then it is bound to weigh more at the same time the loss will come in the future.

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

    1. Very true - one of the big messages from SlimPod is not to focus on the scales but more how your clothes feel :)

  5. No change is definitely better than adding. I'm afraid that my diet has been seriously compromised by my husband's gift of a 3-layer box of Belgian chocolates. I cannot resist them

    1. Ahh but aren't gifts like when you pinch bits off other people's plates - the calories don't count ?! lol

  6. Have fun on your wii fit when it arrives. And forget what the scales say, it sounds like the slimpod is working it's magic again, the pounds will soon melt off. Recognising when you're full shows that your mind is in the right place again now. I look forward to reading how you get on again next week. xx

    1. Very true - looking forward to seeing the numbers go down though ! lol

  7. Hiya Cheryl, do remember how body composition changes when you start doing more exercise and feel full quicker. Fat might diminish but muscle will grow. Muscle is heavier and denser than fat therefore things don't move on the scales but you might find you begin to shrink! have you ever drawn up a goal-map?x

    1. Words of wisdom, as always ! I have made a goal map ... but I might make a new one to freshen things up ! :)


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