Friday 7 February 2014

Fun Kids' Activities for February Half Term

Hands up if you've have enough of all this wind and rain - I know I have ! Normally, weekends and Wednesday afternoons are the times we get out and about for long walks discovering new parks, going for nature-spotting adventures or just heading off for a wander and seeing where our feet take us. It's definitely been more curling-up-on-the-settee-with-a-DVD or family baking sessions weather lately. Well, fingers crossed, by the time the February half term arrives, the sun will have got its hat back on and come out to play !

Holiday Cottages got in touch earlier with some lovely ideas for keeping the kids busy and hopefully out in the sunshine. (I can dream !) There's a Countryside Treasure Hunt that you can download and print out which looks great fun.

If you have a long journey on the cards, the Roadside Bingo might be a better option and I also like the sound of the Beach Treasure Hunt which will be coming soon. You can download all the games here.

If I've got you thinking about some fun family times that you've had in the past, you might like to know that they have a competition running at the moment to win a Weatherproof Holiday. The prize is a £500 Holiday Cottages voucher to use on the cottage of your choice and there will be a super-sized ToucanBox activity pack waiting for you to use with the children on rainy days. To enter, simply upload a picture of you and your family enjoying some family time, whatever that may be! Well, here's a picture of the Madhouse Family having some family fun that I might just have to enter.

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  1. really good ideas, its so annoying not knowing what to do with the kids when the weather is terrible


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