Friday 28 February 2014

New York Bakery Co. mini bagels review

New York Bakery Co have just launched a new range of mini bagels that are ideal for kids' packed lunches or guilt-free mid-afternoon snacks. They deliver the same great taste as their regular bagels but are half the size. They come in a choice of three flavours - plain, sweet cinnamon & raisin and the new Duo which are made with 50% wholemeal and 50% white flour.

If you've ever wondered how bagels get their unique firm texture, here's the secret. New York Bakery Co makes all of its bagels the authentic NY way by boiling them before they are stone-baked, making them soft on the inside with a deliciously chewy crust.

Each bagel weighs 45g and as a rough guide, a plain mini bagel provides a very reasonable 116 calories and 0.6g of fat, making them a great choice for anyone watching their waistline.

Bagels are very versatile so you can fill them with just about anything, from classic ham and cheese to sweet combinations like peanut butter and banana, passing by more exotic options like pesto chicken, prawn and avocado or BBQ pulled pork. Here's our favourite serving suggestion though - Loch Ness Bagel Monsters ! 

New York Bakery Co. Mini Bagels cost from £1.60 per eight pack and are available in Tesco.

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I love the bagel loch ness monster! mini bagels sound like a really good idea


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