Saturday 22 February 2014

Tractor Ted activity sheets to ward off boredom !

For most of you, half term is just drawing to an end - you may be feeling either sad or very relieved about that ! - but for us, it's just about to kick off and not for one but for two whole weeks. Woohoo ! Having just spent a few days in bed with the flu, I've used up half of my stash of half-term projects already, but luckily, the lovely people at Tractor Ted have come to the rescue with some fun downloadable activity sheets. If you need a little something to keep the kids occupied that doesn't involve batteries or screens, click through to get the bigger pictures then print them off.

There are other activities available on the Tractor Ted website too, including some lovely online games, some clips to watch and a carrot cake recipe. We just might end up making that next week.

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