Friday 28 February 2014

What's cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 28/2

As it's the school holidays and we're lucky enough to get two weeks off, I did a double menu plan last week (and only published half). I ended up using more from the second part (that I'm blogging today) than last week's so I'll be mixing and matching from the last two week's plans.


lunch - it's turned into a bit of a school holiday tradition so we'll be heading to the Chinese eat-all-you-like buffet

dinner - soup if anyone's hungry


lunch -  Daddy will be off doing carnival so we'll have something simple - maybe a picnic, not sure if it will be an indoor or outdoor one though !

dinner -  smoked sausage and beans casserole in the slow cooker


lunch - pork chops with garlic and herb wedges

dinner - Cantonese chicken with mixed veg and noodles


lunch - Chicken Tonight Spanish chicken with rice

dinner - prawn biryani for the grownups, fishfingers and tinned spaghetti for the kids


lunch - sweet potato noodles with pork and veg (and I think we might try the tin of kimchi from the Korean Kitchen Nomad box too)

dinner - Youvetsi (tomatoey pasta bake with orzo) with chicken and veg


lunch - French chicken with green beans and new potatoes

dinner - Quiche and salad


lunch - beef in ale stew with mash and dumplings

dinner -  leftovers or soup

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  1. Sounds great Cheryl! I am still doing my weekly planners too!

  2. it all sounds lovely, especially Youvetsi, might need to try that one

  3. I love biryani, think I will put it on my plan as well... looking for some inspiration! :)

  4. The Youvetsi sounds interesting. Great meal plan :)


  5. Yum! Everything sounds delicious!!


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