Wednesday 19 February 2014

Kitchen Nomad globe-cooking recipe (France) : Tomato Slices & Sardine Pâté

 I was gutted last week to learn that Kitchen Nomad are stopping their monthly globe-cooking subscription service. However, I've found another very similar company so the globe-cooking adventure will continue with Kitchen Trotter ! For this final Kitchen Nomad box, the destination was France so we tried out their recipe for Tomato Slices with Sardine Pâté.

The recipe called for two products from the box - sardines and sea salt, but I left out the sea salt because the sardines were already very salty.

The recipe also included cream cheese so I went for some St Moret, to keep in with the French theme.

I mixed up the St Moret with some chopped capers, finely sliced shallots and lemon juice.

 I mixed in the mashed up sardines and sprinkled over some fresh coriander leaves.

The original recipe says you should serve this with slices of different coloured tomatoes (red, green, purple, yellow) but we could only find red ones so I opted for grilled tomatoes on toast, smothered in the sardine pâté. Very nice indeed and perfect for a light supper with a bowl of soup.

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  1. Looks yummy Cheryl - I must admit I never buy sardines because but might get some. The kids seem to like tuna and salmon so maybe they would enjoy sardines!? Worth a try!

  2. that looks really tasty, sardines can actually be surprisingly nice.

  3. Lovely pate, Cheryl! Cornish sea salt is my fave, I often use it a base for mixing my own flavoured salt, with all kinds of dried herbs, pepper, etc


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