Monday 10 February 2014

Tesco's Valentine's Chocolates review

Tesco's recently sent me some of their Finest Belgian Chocolates from their Valentine's Day range to review. It's a hard life being a blogger sometimes ! I was immediately impressed by the beautiful presentation. As they come ready wrapped, your other half need never know if buying a present slipped your mind and you grabbed something from the supermarket shelf with minutes to spare !

I started off with the Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate Praline Hearts which come in a 100g pack. Each one is wrapped in silver foil and is the perfect blend of smooth milk chocolate and hazelnut praline.They combine romance with a touch of luxury and would be the perfect sweet for your sweet on Valentine's day !

Next up was the 200g Finest Milk, Dark & White Belgian Chocolate Selection. As I mentioned above, I love the fact that this comes ready-wrapped but I would have preferred a more neutral colour for the wrapping paper - pink is a bit girlie if you want to offer this to your husband or boyfriend !

There was an audible "ooh" as I opened the box and we all gathered round to see what was on the first layer. There's a great selection and they look really posh and extra special.

I wasn't sure if the second layer would be a duplicate of the first but it isn't - you get a whole different selection. They're all very nice and have a great variety of flavours and textures.

Even better news is that many of the chocolates are half price or reduced on Tesco's online store. The box of chocolates above for example was £6 but is now just £4, which sounds like a great bargain to me.

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Good value - my partner wolfs down any chocs I get him (I must admit I usually help!) so there is no point spending a lot! :)

  2. Belgian chocolate /s are delicious.

    Rachel Craig


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