Saturday 8 February 2014

Keeping children safe campaign - beware of the hidden dangers

You wouldn't dream of leaving a hot iron or a kettle of boiling water within reach of your kids and I bet you're extra careful about turning saucepan handles inwards and keeping sharp knives out of the way. The most worrying things are those hidden dangers that aren't quite so obvious though. I was shocked last year to read a blogger saying that her child had been rushed to hospital after squeezing a laundry pod and getting the product in her eye - the nurses said that the stain cleaning element is as potent as bleach but the birghtly-coloured, pretty (and therefore appealing to inquisitive children) pods look much less dangerous than a bottle of bleach.

The Electrical Safety Council, a UK electrical safety charity, are campaigning to raise awareness about the dangers of children burning themselves on hair straighteners which have been left out by parents. 1 in 10 burns among children are caused by hair straighteners.

Watch the video, spread the word and find out more at

As I mentioned in this week's freebie roundup, you can get a free heatproof pouch to put your hair straighteners away and keep your children safe. If you google "hair straightener burns", you'll see how truly horrific the damage to little fingers can be.
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  1. Such an important message! Our children are the most precious things in our lives. Thank you for this blog x

  2. We're about to move & we have all new safety catches, locks and guards ready. I would hate my son to hurt himself because I wasn't careful to keep things out of his way/reach.


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